What to Watch: Let Food Network Magazine Take You On a Cross-Country Culinary Tour

Join Bobby Flay and Food Network Magazine on a cross-country culinary expedition to find the most-delicious dishes in the country.
By: Caitlyn Callegari

Cancel your plans, because Food Network Magazine has got a delicious weekend itinerary already set up for you, and Bobby Flay is along for the fun, too. Tune in to Top 10 Restaurants with Food Network Magazine to do a culinary food tour of the country without ever having to leave that comfy, cozy couch of yours.

When you're not lounging in preparation for your rigorous virtual food tour, you can catch an all-new episode of Rewrapped. The contestants are put to the test as they try to recreate a Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal Raisin Cookie in a pinch and incorporate the cookie into a grilled meal. And don't forget to catch Cutthroat Kitchen, because this upcoming episode features ultimate ponchos, breakfast quesadillas , meatloaf, recliners, cupcakes and a cupcake-box obstacle course of sorts.

This week, the contestants are challenged with re-creating a Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and using the dessert to reinvigorate an unexpected dish.

Bobby Flay hosts this Food Network special, counting down Food Network Magazine's 10 best meals across the country.

This week, the sabotage has gone soft. One chef has to cook a breakfast quesadilla in Alton's ultimate poncho, another has to cook meatloaf while in a recliner, and another has to prepare cupcakes while walking on cupcake boxes.

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