Scary-Good Halloween Recipes

Plan a haunted-house buffet featuring spine-tingling snacks and ghoulish sweets with these festive Halloween ideas from Food Network.
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Butternut Squash Soup

What You'll Need: Butternut squash soup + sour cream + pumpkin seeds + piping bag with a round piping tip

What to Do: Fill a piping bag with sour cream and pipe it in concentric circles on the surface of a bowl of butternut squash soup. Drag a toothpick or knife through the sour cream from the center outward to make a spider web pattern. Serve with pumpkin seeds for sprinkling.

Mummy Pizza

What You'll Need: English muffins + marinara sauce + mozzarella, cut into thin strips + sliced black olives + green peppers, cut into small pieces

What to Do: Spread split English muffins with marinara (toast first if desired). Arrange strips of mozzarella across the sauce in a crisscross pattern like mummy bandages. Nestle in two olive slices for eyes. Add green pepper pieces for pupils. Bake in a 400 degree F oven until cheese is melted and golden in one or two spots. 

S'more Critters

What You'll Need: Graham crackers + chocolate cookies + chocolate frosting + mini, regular and jumbo marshmallows + chocolate-covered raspberries, mint creams or raisins + chocolate sprinkles

What to Do: Slice regular and jumbo marshmallows into rounds as desired. Place the marshmallows on a baking sheet and toast under the broiler; let cool. Make eyes by dolloping each marshmallow round with frosting and topping with a chocolate-covered treat. Spread cookies with frosting. Top with one or two eyes, mini marshmallow "teeth" and sprinkles, as desired. 

Franken Cupcakes

What You'll Need: Chocolate cake mix + chocolate frosting + green flat-bottom wafer ice cream cones (from a multicolor package) + black royal icing + white gumdrops + round white mints + piping bag with a round piping tip 

What to Do: Fill the ice cream cones two-thirds full with the cake batter and bake as directed. Fill the piping bag with royal icing and use it to attach a mint to the end of each gumdrop; let set. Frost the tops of the cones with frosting. Use royal icing to affix two gumdrop "bolts" to the side of each cone, letting the first set before adding the second. Draw eyes, mouths and scars.

Bat Cake Pops

What You'll Need: Chocolate cake pops + round chocolate wafer cookies, halved + chocolate candy melts + white royal icing + black royal icing + mini chocolate chips + piping bags with round piping tips + Styrofoam block

What to Do: Melt the chocolate melts and drizzle over the cookie halves in desired patterns; let set. Dip one tip of each "wing" into the melted chocolate and insert two into each pop, cutting slits with a sharp paring knife if necessary. Using the chocolate as glue, add mini chocolate chips for ears. Insert the pops into the Styrofoam block and let set. Fill the piping bags with royal icing and draw white eyes with black pupils. 

Spider Snacks

What You'll Need: Buttery round crackers + pretzel sticks + peanut butter + white royal icing + dried currants + piping bag with a round piping tip

What to Do: Spread half the crackers with the peanut butter. Top with the other crackers. For each spider, break four pretzel sticks in half. Insert the pretzel pieces into the peanut butter, four on each side, to make spider legs. Fill a piping bag with the royal icing. Dab two dots of royal icing on the top of each cracker sandwich for eyes and top with currants for pupils. 

Ghost Cupcakes

What You'll Need: Chocolate cake mix + chocolate buttercream + vanilla buttercream + black royal icing + piping bags with round piping tips

What to Do: Bake cupcakes according to the recipe directions. Fill the piping bags with the buttercreams. First, pipe a swirly mound of chocolate buttercream on the cupcakes. Then top with a mound of vanilla buttercream, ending in a tall peak. Fill a piping bag with royal icing and draw eyes and mouths.

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