14 Instant Pot Accessories You Absolutely Need

We've tracked down some of the best tools for your one true love: the Instant Pot.

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July 28, 2022

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Pressure cooker season is upon us. Though I'm sure some would argue that every season is Instant Pot season! To make the most of your machine, we've sourced some of the best accessories on the market for it. Here's what we've found.

This article has been reviewed since its original publish date for accuracy, pricing and availability. We stand by our list of top Instant Pot accessories picks and are hopeful that the Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide Immerson Circulator, which was sold out at the time of review, will restock soon.

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As the name implies, bulky oven mitts are made for working in a roomy oven. To grab hot inner pots or other accessories from inside your Instant Pot, it helps to have mitts that were made for the job. The small size and handy thumb grip make reaching into your machine while keeping your hands safe so much easier.

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The Egg Bites cooking mold gets top ratings from Instant Pot fans. Reviewers use it for eggs, muffins and even baby food. The non-stick silicone makes for easy food removal, and the lid allows for convenient storage.

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This stacked steamer from your friends at Food Network is made to work inside your 6-quart Instant Pot, but can do just as good a job in larger machines. The fold-down handle make taking your delicious food out of the pot a breeze.

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If you wish it were easier to take your Instant Pot with you to a potluck dinner or the ultimate tailgate party, you're going to want a carrying bag made for the job. Sling this one over your shoulder and free your hands up.

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This silicone sling makes removing your bakeware from your Instant Pot safe and easy. The handles clip together to stay out of your food and make for easy removal.

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OK, so this isn't specifically designed for the Instant Pot, but reveiwers swear by it for storage. The diameter of this round cart fits the machine perfectly, so it doesn't have to take up valuable counterspace 24/7.

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Not all veggies are happy together, so get yourself a divided steamer. Or, steam your fish and veg at the same time. The options are limitless.

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Make a cheesecake in your Instant Pot and you may never return to the oven again. To make one you'll need a springform pan. But like most of these accessories, it can do double duty for lasagnas and casseroles, too. This particular one also comes with a swappable bundt.

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Instant Pot superfans swear by this tackable stainless steel steamer. Pros cook multiple foods at once in no time flat. This one comes with interchangeable lids and an easy-lift handle.

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You may find yourself wanting to cook a variety of things in your Instant Pot, and this set has you covered with almost every possible accessory for your new essential kitchen companion

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People cannot stop raving about this lid. An Instant Pot and Air Fryer all in one? Yes, please! You truly get the best of both worlds when you combine two of the most popular kitchen appliances. Your Instant Pot will be turned into an oven that can fry, roast, bake, broil, reheat and dehydrate.

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These fun silicone sealing rings will ensure your pot is air-tight! It especially comes in handy when on pressure cook mode.

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This glass lid is an Instant Pot favorite! It can be used when slow cooking, sauteing or using the keep warm function. It even has a steam release vent to reduce condensation.

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This insert ensures that your meat will be cooked to perfection, just as you like it. Restaurants have been using this method for years, and this Instant Pot addition makes it super easy to meal-prep and prepare for large dinner parties.

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