We Use These Handy Products to Meal Prep Without Waste

Perfect for packing those back-to-school lunches!

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August 06, 2019
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Back to school season means crisp new clothes, pointy new pencils and loaded lunchboxes. But meal planning for school also means lots of snacks and, therefore, a lot of wasted plastic. Eliminating single-use plastics at home is a huge way to help reduce our negative effect on the environment. This season, do your part to reduce waste. Whether it be recycling, using less water or creating less garbage, every little bit helps and can make a difference to the health of our planet. When you’re ready to make the switch from single-use plastic, these products are the way to go.


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Have you ever thrown out a piece of half-eaten fruit just because you were unable to store it properly? Never again! These food huggers help reduce the need for plastic wrap and bags by creating an airtight seal over your fruits and vegetables. These BPA-free huggers come in different sizes, so they’re a perfect solution to any of your plastic-wrap needs (like the jar whose top mysteriously went missing!).

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Mason jars aren't just for canning pickles and making lemon preserves — these classic glass jars are a great grab-and-go option for packed lunches and meal prepping large quantities of smoothies or quinoa salad. Plus, they’ve also come out with a line of completely leak-proof, airtight and freezer-safe lids.

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If you're excited to stop using single-use plastics, this bottle kills two birds with one stone. The two chambers made from completely recycled materials help keep your snacks and drinks together in one place. Each bottle has a 20-ounce outer chamber with a seven-ounce inner chamber, which means you can enjoy chilled water and a handful of granola or pretzels at the same time — and without any single-use plastic.

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These stackable snack containers are the key to sustainable nutrition on-the-go. They'll keep your salad, dressing and toppings fresh until you’re ready to mix them up. Or, if you love snacks, you can pack cut up veggies with a side of dip. They’re the perfect companion to any packed lunch, and are great for snacks, condiments, fruits and parfaits.

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Plastic bags are one of the most-commonly used forms of single-use plastic and contribute greatly to the amount of waste surrounding packed lunches. You can do your part to eliminate plastic baggies by swapping them out for these reusable, silicone bags. Stasher bags are made from 100-percent reusable silicone and are completely temperature resistant and dishwasher safe. Great for storing fruits and veggies, they’re even freezer safe, which means there’s no need to toss out any excess food.

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You can’t talk about environmentally friendly lunches without talking about a sturdy, reliable thermos. Our pick? The Zoku 16-ounce Neat Stack Food Jar. Whether you’re on the road or in the classroom, the vacuum-insulated, double-wall design ensures your food will stay hot for five hours or cold for over six hours. This is a fantastic way to send your kids to school with a nutritious and filling cup of chili or a steamy cup of mac and cheese. Use these with caution, though — once your kids see the full potential of their new lunches they’ll never want to go back to the days of ham and cheese sandwiches.

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The team at Onya has created well-thought-out alternatives for single-use plastics. Their lines of recyclable grocery bags and bin bags are made from recycled water bottles. But we especially love the reusable sandwich wrap for anything from veggies, a sandwich or morning bagel. The best part? They’re easy to clean with just a simple wipe down.

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