TikTok Is Obsessed with This $400 Toaster

Its “basically from the future.”

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May 26, 2021

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If you’ve watched any food-focused TikTok videos recently, chances are you’ve seen the Revolution Touchscreen Toaster, which is a fancy toaster that will cook your toast exactly as you like it, thanks in part to an elaborate LED touchscreen display that offers seven different toast options spanning varying degrees of doneness. You can even specify whether your bread is fresh, frozen or if you just want it to be reheated, so you won’t be left with soggy or burnt carbs.

What’s more? This two-slice toaster goes way beyond simply popping out a few slices of white bread. It can also cook waffles, bagels, Pop Tarts, English Muffins and more, and it shows a picture of how your toast will come out at each stage, so you know exactly what you’re in for every time.

The Revolution Touchscreen Toaster started to earn its viral status thanks to a video shared by TikTok user Teresa Caruso (@teresalauracaruso) in December. The quick and informative video has more than 1.9 million “likes,” upwards of 15,000 comments and over 16 million views. In the clip, Caruso praises the appliance and notes that it’s “basically from the future.”

As she makes a practically perfect Pop Tart, she explains that this toaster “cooks exactly the way you want it, every single time.” She also points out the toaster’s handy countdown clock, which tells you exactly when your carbs of choice are toasted to your liking.


Possibly my favorite Amazon gadget ever! 😍🤯 #learnontiktok #amazon #HomeCooked #amazonfinds #tiktokpartner

♬ original sound - Teresa Caruso

While appliances aren’t perfect, the general consensus on TikTok is that this toaster totally delivers. The “revolution toaster” hashtag has more than 1.3 million views and is filled with dozens of videos celebrating this all-knowing gadget.

“It’s actually faster than a regular toaster and for some reason it tastes better,” explained user @heyparis.

TikTok user @karlenemarie_, who is also a fan of the Revolution Toaster, praised it for accuracy. “Look how perfectly toasted that is,” she said while removing her textbook toast from the gizmo.

Lil Yachty is also a fan of the gadget and shared a TikTok of himself using it back in June 2020. “Just wanna show you guys some excellence,” he declared as he got ready to prepare some toast. “I just wanted you guys to see this awesome toaster.”


LOOK AT MY TOASTER #fyp #foryoupage #yachty

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Considering the Revolution Toaster’s hefty price tag, it’s encouraging to see that so many TikTok users have given it their seal of approval. It normally retails for $400 but is currently on sale on Amazon for $299.95.

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