These Full-Size Ovens Double As an Air Fryer

If you're in the market for an oven upgrade, an air fryer setting will save you a countertop appliance.

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September 22, 2021

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Countertop appliances like air fryers and toaster ovens promise shorter cook time, make preparing otherwise intimidating recipes more accessible and cook food without heating up your whole kitchen. There is no denying their importance in the kitchen, but if your countertop is starting to feel a little crowded and you're in the market for a new oven, it might be worth considering one that has an air fryer built in.

What Is an Air Frying Oven?

By now, we’re all relatively well-versed in the world of air frying, including which air fryers are the best, what recipes you should cook in them and — potentially, most importantly — whether or not they really are the secret to healthier eating.

Overall, an air fryer functions by crisping and cooking food with circulated, heated air with little-to-no oil compared to typical deep frying. While countertop air fryers are great for quickly preparing smaller batches of food or cooking without heating up your kitchen, they're not ideal for big-batch cooking or air frying an entire turkey for example. This is where an air fryer oven comes into play. You can achieve the same results you love from a countertop air fryer in your oven which gives you another level of versatility.

Air Fryer Oven vs. Convection Oven

While the two methods of cooking seem interchangeable, there are a few differences that make the distinction more prominent. While both utilize fans circulate the heat around your food, creating crispier results, air fryers typically function with faster moving fans compared to convection ovens. This usually results is faster cooking and crispier foods. Another difference is where the fans are placed, which can vary depending on model. There are oven models that come with both features, allowing you to customize based on what you’re cooking. Some air fryer ovens do not have a convection setting and vice versa.

Tips for Cooking In an Air Frying Oven

According to Frigidaire’s site, it’s important to cook your food on the middle rack of the oven since air frying relies on the air’s ability to circulate. While you can cook on a nonstick baking sheet (the brand also recommends opting for a darker one with low sides), it’s worth adding a perforated air frying tray to your cart to maximize even crispiness. While some ovens come with a no-preheat feature, most will require additional time to come to temperature. Be sure to wait to add food until it’s preheated for accurate results.

5 Air Fryer Ovens to Shop


This freestanding gas range, which is the most affordable option on our list, includes five burners as well as a built-in air fryer function. The brand promises the convection fan will ensure correct temperature and airflow for precise cooking, meaning you can air fry larger batches of food without taking up extra space on your countertop with an additional appliance.


Samsung's electric range includes a double oven as well as air-fry-cooking capabilities. This oven comes with an air fry tray, so you can fry food using less oil with ease. The double ovens can be used as one or split into two, giving you more flexibility with your cooking, and the stovetop has an express boil element, saving you time on anything from boiling water to searing meat.

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Samsung also offers a similarly-sized gas range, which only offers one oven as well as a built-in air fryer. This oven also has a convection setting for perfectly cooked food at a fraction of the time. This stovetop comes with a reversible cast iron griddle and a custom wok grate, making it a great option for an experienced home cook to get creative in the kitchen.

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This model from GE boasts a no-preheat air fryer features, meaning you can save time while ensuring crispy meals prepared with less oil than typical fryer would require. This oven also has built-in WiFi, so you can control your oven through your phone or voice-activated devices.

Best Buy

From Frigidaire, this electric range also offers both air fry and convection cooking options, giving you multiple ways to make crispy, large-batch foods in a shorter amount of time. You'll also get a quick-boil element, steam-cleaning and one-touch self-cleaning options and five burners on your stovetop.

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