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13 Foods You Can Cook In Your Toaster Oven

Whether it’s too hot to use your regular oven or you’re looking for a solution for small-batch cooking and baking, your toaster oven is up to the task. Sure, it’s great for making toast but it can also cook meat, bake pastries and roast veggies. Need help getting started? These 13 ideas will help you cook all your favorite recipes — right on your countertop.

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Embrace Your Toaster Oven

Amazing roasty things can come from even a small, single-shelf version of this appliance. Most things that can be baked will work in a toaster oven, if scaled down to a size and quantity that can fit inside of it. A toaster oven has several unique advantages over a big oven. Because it is small, it heats up quickly. For the same reason, the heating sources on the top and bottom are close together and cook things quickly. And, many models even give a cheerful “ding” and turn themselves off at the end of the time you've set. Why not use your toaster oven more and discover all of the great things that it can do?

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Roast Chicken

If you can cook chicken nuggets, you can roast a spatchcocked Cornish hen on your toaster tray. The process is just like roasting in your regular oven. Simply cook until the bird reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees F.

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Lay some strips on the rack with the tray underneath and cook to your desired crispiness. For easy cleanup, line the tray below with aluminum foil.

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Fish Fillets

Fish cooks quickly, so it’s an ideal toaster-oven food. Don't be afraid to give this a try with any of your favorite varieties.

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