Cookware from Target That Makes Weeknight Dinner So Much Faster

Get dinner on the table quick with appliances and cookware up to the task.

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April 15, 2021
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Photo by: Photo courtesy of Target

Photo courtesy of Target

Let's face it, your Wednesday night dinner plans aren't always top-of-mind, and sometimes that means you're struggling to get a meal on the table before your family goes from hungry to hangry. For nights when dinner feels like a race against time, having the right tools can make all the difference. Certain appliances can speed up cook and prep time, giving you a bit of a breather before setting the table and digging in. Here are the tools you need from Target for faster, more stress-free weeknight meals.


Anything your slow cooker can do, a pressure cooker can do faster. That pulled pork recipe your kids love? You can start it at 5 p.m. and be ready to eat by 7. Rice and pasta dishes come together in under 30 minutes, making this a must-have in your weeknight dinner toolkit.

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This extra-large air fryer is ideal for cooking for a family of four. Overall, air fryers preheat a lot faster than your oven, so if chicken wings, pork chops or a veggie side is on the menu, an air fryer can get the job done with less prep time.

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Your stand mixer is good for more than baking. Use the paddle attachment to make shredding meat a faster process. You can shred chicken, pork or even slow-cooked beef and be ready for tacos, paninis and more in no time.

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Perhaps the easiest type of one pan dinners are sheet pan dinners. Simply prep, season and place on the sheet pan and let your oven do the work. This jumbo size will fit in a standard full-size oven and is large enough to feed a family on one pan.

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Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? Instead of classic pancakes and eggs, make breakfast sandwiches. This sandwich maker can heat two at a time and is a fun way to get kids involved in dinner.

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This smokeless versatile griddler is a faster way to bring everything you love about grilling inside. Use it as a press for quick burgers or paninis, or open it up fully for a full grill/griddle combination right on your countertop.

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Shredding cheese, chopping onions and slicing veggies becomes a lot easier when you break out a food processor. This one from Ninja comes with multiple attachments and is dishwasher-friendly.

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