7 Target Products to Spring Clean Your Cabinets

Get the clutter under control once and for all.

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February 22, 2021
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In anticipation of the warmer weather that's (hopefully!) on its way very soon, we're thinking all about spring cleaning our kitchen. That means a full fridge reorg, wipe-down of surfaces and, finally, a cabinet cleanout. But before you shove all your spices, baking essentials and pots and pans back where they came from, get your hands on some affordable organizing products from Target. Efficiency in the kitchen is key, and pan stackers, risers and, of course, turntables can turn your previously cluttered cabinets into a place where you can actually find things. Here are the products we're adding to our Target cart today.


Get your spice jars where you can see them with a set of expandable risers. These can adjust from 14 to 24 inches depending on the size of your cabinet or pantry, and the bamboo color brings a serene earth tone to your kitchen.

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Get your mugs out of the cabinet and onto the countertop. Instead of rummaging through a cupboard pre-coffee to find the perfect mug, use this holder to keep your favorites right by the coffee machine.

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For condiments, spices and even some baking essentials, turntables make it easy to find what you're looking for quickly. These have lower sides, so you'll be able to grab-and-go no matter the height of your cabinet shelves.

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All those super-organized pantry shelfies on social media have something in common: pantry baskets. These affordable ones from Target look expensive and the white and wood combo brings an airy vibe to even cramped spaces.

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Stop stacking your baking pans horizontally. This cabinet organizer stands them on their side making it a lot easier to pull the one pan you want without taking everything out.

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These stackable containers come in various sizes and are ideal for storing flour, sugar and grains. The lip on the lid ensures the bases sit in place, so the stacks won't come tumbling down the next time to you need the sugar.

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Store your most-used kitchen utensils where you can see them. This utensil holder is ideal for wooden spoons, spatulas and other items you use on a regular basis and don't want to dig for in a drawer.

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