These Storage Containers Keep My Fridge Totally Organized

Meal prep and packing lunches has never been easier!

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June 25, 2019

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I think it’s safe to say that professional kitchens and home kitchens are very, very different. Professional kitchens are run like a well-oiled machine to turn out perfectly-executed meals to scores of hungry customers night after night. Home kitchens do the same, but with more last-minute requests and unexpected interruptions. I've long yearned for a product that could bring the efficiency of a professional kitchen into my home, and now I think I’ve found one. Let me explain.

After years of working in professional kitchens I developed a deep love for storing my mise en place in clear, stackable containers. If plan to make chicken soup, for example, I could have my mirepoix (a mixture of vegetables like celery, carrot and onion) in one container, herbs in another container and chicken bones in another sitting perfectly organized in the refrigerator until I'm ready to get cooking. These containers revolutionized my efficiency in the restaurant kitchen and helped me to prep sauces, salads, entrees and soups in advance, while keeping everything organized and fresh. They are a meal prepper’s dream and once I had my kids, I knew I needed to find something like them for my home kitchen.

Every year at the end of August I look for new ways to streamline my system for packing school lunches. After a recent trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond I discovered the key to a what I predict will be a year full of perfectly packed school lunches: Rubbermaid's Briliance line. My Rubbermaid Brilliance Food Storage Container Set is a durable, leak-proof storage solution that reminds me of my days using containers in professional kitchens. But instead of storing my mushroom and spinach risotto mise en place, I store kids’ snacks like washed berries and cut up crudité and hummus. They are crystal clear, it's easy for my kids to look in the refrigerator and grab exactly what they want to tote to school with them. The lids press and lock, which makes them particularly convenient for leftovers-turned-lunches like pot roast, beef stew and carrot ginger soup.

I’ve never found a product that more perfectly combines the efficiency of a professional kitchen with the personal care of a home kitchen like these do. They take the stress out of packing up leftovers and I love looking into the refrigerator and clearly seeing exactly what I have to work with. Perhaps the biggest fans are my kids, whose school lunches have been transformed for good!

Ginevra Iverson is a Brooklyn-based recipe developer with 15 years of experience cooking in and opening restaurants in California and New York City. For the past five years she has worked in the test kitchen at Food Network, and is now the Director of Digital Studios. Ginevra oversees the production of all original recipe content on the Food Network website, as well as any recipes that go to video under the byline Food Network Kitchen.

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