Organize Your Fridge in a Flash with 8 Products from Target

Clean bins and stackable sets are key for getting your refrigerator under control.

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February 08, 2021
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The first step to getting control over weeknight dinner planning, late-night snacking, and tackling those healthy eating goals is organizing your fridge. Sure, you probably have a general idea of what food you have available for whipping up a last-minute meal or lunchtime salad, but chances are you've probably got an expired ketchup and forgotten clementine lurking around too.

The solve for those forgotten foods? Clear organizing tools. You can find hand, affordable clear organization solutions designed specifically for your fridge at Target. When you can actually see what you have to eat, there's a better chance it'll end up on your plate instead of your trash can. Plus, who doesn't want an Instagram-worthy shelfie of their color-coordinated produce?


Instead of trying to fit wine bottles or glass water bottles on your refrigerator door, use this set to stack them instead. You'll be able to lay bottles on their side without fear of them rolling into each other. Plus, this means you'll have room for a tall bottle, even your shelf height is low.

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Storage bins are great, but only if you can get to what's inside. These bins roll in and out of your fridge with ease and make it simple to get the stuff tucked in the very back of the shelf.

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You've probably seen professional organizers on Instagram recommending turntables for pantries and bathroom vanities. Now it's time to bring them to your condiment shelf. Just stack bottles and jars onto the base and turn to find the one you need.

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Don't forget about leftovers. Clear, matching containers make it easy to see what you actually have on-hand. Seeing the food clearly will prevent you from throwing it away weeks later.

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Always forgetting to buy eggs? By putting them in see-through container, you'll know when it's time to grab another carton at the store.

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Families might find their produce drawers get overcrowded quickly. If that's the case, these stackable produce bins are ideal for smaller or longer produce like celery, cucumber and zucchini. Plus, they stack for even more space.

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If you're into juicing or enjoy having plenty of produce in the fridge, these baskets make it so easy for anyone in the family to grab a healthy snack and go.

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If you're not really sure what kind of organization you need, we recommend starting with a set. This one comes with two large and two smaller bins, so you can see which sizes work best for you and where you might need more or less storage.

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