All the Things You Didn't Know About Kardea Brown

Kardea serves up bold flavors to match her personality! Get to know more about this Southern chef, like her favorite snacks, recipes and more.

Best Cooking Advice Ever Received: Don’t cook when you’re not in a good mood.

Pineapple on Pizza: “Just give me pepperoni!”

Favorite Burger Topping: Bacon, Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onions

Most Memorable Meal: Grandma’s Mac n’ Cheese

Guilty Pleasure: Double Chocolate Ganache Cake

Favorite Midnight Snack: Kettle Cooked Salt and Vinegar Chips

Signature Dish: Shrimp and Grits, Charleston Style

Favorite Food City: New York City

Favorite Kitchen Smell: Bacon

Favorite Emoji: Yeah, right

Favorite Thing to Cook When Feeling Lazy: Egg Salad Sandwich

Strangest Thing in the Fridge: Jar of Chinese Black Vinegar

Must-Have Dish for Her Last Supper: Hot Wings, Extra Hot with Extra Blue Cheese

Favorite Thing to Order Out vs Cook at Home: Anything Fried

First Dish She Learned How to Make: Mac n’ Cheese

Kardea pouring mac and cheese

Try: Seafood Mac and Cheese

Favorite Dish Growing Up: Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal

Favorite Snack Growing Up: Cheddar and Sour Cream Chips

Favorite Snack Now: Dark Chocolate

Favorite Dish to Make: Low Country Boil