Tyler's Top-Rated Recipes

Get a taste of Tyler Florence's best dishes with his top five-star recipes from Food Network.

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Chicken Enchiladas

Tyler tops chicken-stuffed tortillas with a chile-laced enchilada sauce and a mix of cheddar and Jack cheeses, then bakes them until the cheeses are warm and melted. To finish this Mexican-style meal, he garnishes the platter with cool sour cream and chopped fresh tomatoes.

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Shrimp Scampi With Linguini

Simple yet elegant, Tyler's shrimp-studded pasta boasts a light sauce of white wine, lemon and sweet shallots. Before serving, drizzle the pasta with fruity extra-virgin olive oil — it will help to marry the flavors of the sauce and ensure a smooth consistency.

Get the Recipe: Shrimp Scampi with Linguini

Scalloped Potato Gratin

A rich, creamy bake of tender potatoes, Parmesan cheese and fresh thyme, Tyler's easy-to-prepare gratin is an indulgent side dish that perfectly complements meaty main dishes.

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Tyler's chunky guacamole made with cilantro and fresh lime juice takes just 10 minutes to prep. Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving so that its bold flavors can meld, and serve with your favorite tortilla chips for a fuss-free appetizer.

Get the Recipe: Guacamole

Roast Chicken With Wilted Butter Lettuce and Peas

To wilt the lettuce served with his herb-stuffed roast chicken, Tyler tosses just-cooked peas with the soft, mild lettuce and a buttery white wine sauce until the leaves are slightly warm and supple. This easy-to-prepare recipe from Food Network Magazine is a must-try favorite that the whole family will enjoy.

Get the Recipe: Tyler Florence's Roast Chicken with Wilted Butter Lettuce and Peas

Green Beans With Caramelized Onions and Almonds

Made with just a handful of ingredients, Tyler's garden-fresh green beans are a go-to side that pair well with roasted seafood, grilled meats and more. To prepare his recipe, Tyler blanches the beans for just a few minutes then sautés them with soft, sweet onions, fragrant thyme and crunchy toasted almonds to add a textured bite.

Get the Recipe: Green Beans with Caramelized Onions and Almonds

Fresh Mozzarella BLT With Pesto

In his recipe from Food Network Magazine, Tyler dresses up the all-American BLT by adding to it a slice of creamy mozzarella cheese and a spread of nutty pesto to round out the flavors of the smoky bacon and sweet tomatoes. Built on a chewy-crunchy baguette, this beefy sandwich is a hearty lunchbox pick.

Get the Recipe: Fresh Mozzarella BLT with Pesto

Pomegranate, Arugula Salad

In just five minutes, Tyler plates a simple salad of peppery arugula, crunchy walnuts and juicy pomegranate seeds that's as colorful as it is satisfying. Dress the salad with a lemon-pomegranate molasses vinaigrette for a sweet and savory finish, and serve as a light lunch dish or hearty side.

Get the Recipe: Pomegranate, Arugula Salad

Easy Chicken Burritos

For a hearty dinner that's ready to enjoy in just 25 minutes, look no further than these flavor-packed burritos. The secret to Tyler's dish is his spicy Mojo Sauce, made with serrano chilies, garlic and citrus. Serve this sauce with an array of classic burrito fixings, like rice, black beans, creamy avocado and cheese, and let each person assemble his or her own custom wrap.

Get the Recipe: Easy Chicken Burritos with Mojo

Banana Bread With Pecans

A moist, flavorful loaf, Tyler's pecan-studded banana bread is a no-fail classic that yields consistent results every time. For an indulgent breakfast or after-dinner sweet treat, Tyler recommends toasting slices of the bread and dusting them with soft confectioners' sugar.

Get the Recipe: Banana Bread with Pecans

Chicken Noodle Soup

Make homemade chicken stock so you get a whole cooked chicken and a gallon of chicken stock all at once.

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Get a gorgeous char on your thin-cut skirt steak for the ultimate fajitas. Let them rest so you get an incredibly juicy meat for your fajitas.

Get the Recipe: Fajitas

Fish and Chips

Batter cod or haddock fillets and fry until crispy and golden for Tyler's take on classic fish and chips.

Get the Recipe: Fish and Chips

Tacos Carne Asada

Flank steak slices up really nicely and is delicious when you grill it, making it a great meat for tacos.

Get the Recipe: Tacos Carne Asada

Chocolate Pudding

Use whole milk and really good cocoa powder as the base for this creamy pudding.

Get the Recipe: Chocolate Pudding

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