Apple Pie French Toast

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  • Yield: 2 pieces of toast


Apple Pie Topping:

Cinnamon Spread:



  1. Remove the skin from the Granny Smith apple. Chop the apple into small, thin pieces. Place the apples in a small bowl and squeeze some lemon juice over them to keep them from browning. In a small pan add the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!® Original Soft Spread, brown sugar, Saigon cinnamon and Allspice. Set the pan over medium-high heat and stir. Once the spread has melted add in the apple pieces. Continue to cook over medium heat for 5-6 minutes, stirring frequently.
  2. Put all of the Cinnamon Spread ingredients in a small mixing bowl and mix until well combined.
  3. Lightly coat both sides of the bread with the Cinnamon Spread, then place in a large pan.
  4. Toast bread in the pan over medium heat, turning it over every 1-2 minutes until both sides are evenly toasted.
  5. When toasted, remove the bread from the pan and set on a plate. Top with the apple mixture.
  6. Optional - Top with chopped walnuts, raisins and/or whipped cream.
  7. Nutrition Information Per Serving
  8. Calories 350, Calories From Fat 160, Saturated Fat 4.5g, Trans Fat 0g, Total Fat 17g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 320mg, Total Carbohydrates 46g, Sugars 31g, Dietary Fiber 5g, Protein 4g, Vitamin A 25%, Vitamin C 15%, Calcium 8%, Iron 6%