Recipe courtesy of Kimberley Lee

Drunk'n Steak

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This will surely be the best piece of meat to ever melt in your mouth. The rum and coke not only give the meat a wonderful flavor and aroma, they tenderize as well.



  1. Choose your favorite cut of meat. In my family we use chuck because it is very inexpensive and badly NEEDS tenderizing.
  2. Take a small-tipped paring knife and puncture the meat on both sides several times. Doing this helps get flavor into the meat, not just on the surface.
  3. Place the meat in a glass pan. (I've never seen it, but I have heard that acidic liquids can do damage to your metal cookware.)
  4. In another bowl, mix one part rum (We use Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, though the Coconut one is really good too.) to two parts cola (don't use Pepsi because it is too sweet).
  5. Pour the mixture over your meat (make sure that the meat is covered by the liquid). Cover and let sit for at least two hours in the refrigerator. Make sure to turn the meat at least once.
  6. We usually have some grilled vegetables with this as well. Choose your favorite summer vegetables and place on a sheet of buttered aluminum foil, leave half of the foil sheet empty so it can be used to created a packet. On top of the vegetables place one tablespoon of margarine or butter, and one cube of ice. Sprinkle garlic salt, onion powder, and rotiserrie chicken seasoning over the vegetables. Fold uncovered part of foil over the vegetables to form a packet and seal.
  7. Get your grill nice and hot and place vegetable packets on. Pull the meat from the refrigerator. Take meat out of the marinade and place on a plate. Rub a small amount of freshly ground pepper and salt into the meat.
  8. Put meat on the grill...mix yourself a rum and coke and use a little of it to keep the flames off of the meat.
  9. Cooking time depends on your grill. The steaks can also be done in the kitchen but are so much more fun out in the yard.
  10. Enjoy one of my families favorites and have a great summer.
  11. Happy eating.