Bacon Costume

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  • Level: Easy


Special equipment:
1 50-inch-wide roll butcher paper 2 1-inch-thick pieces white foam, 12 inches wider and 10 inches longer than the child (available at crafts stores) Masking tape 1 can red or maroon spray paint Hot-glue gun and sticks
  1. Have the child lie on butcher paper. Trace a rectangle around the child that's 6 inches wider than the shoulders on each side and runs lengthwise from below the knees to 13 inches higher than the top of the head. Trace around the child's head for the face opening. Using scissors, cut out the pattern and trace the shape onto two pieces of white foam, then cut the foam shapes. Cut a face opening on one piece of foam. Create red and white stripes on each piece of foam: Cut and tape down butcher paper to cover the areas you want to remain white, making curved stripes to resemble bacon. Apply red spray paint to the exposed foam. Dry overnight, then remove the paper. Hot-glue the two pieces of foam together, along the top and sides only; allow 10 inches for armholes and leave the portion from the knees down unglued. Dry for 1 hour before wearing.