Fruity Gum Flower

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  • Level: None
  • Yield: 1 cupcake
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1 purple chewy candy drop, such as Jujube

1 frosted cupcake (about 2 tablespoons frosting works best)

5 oblong fruit-flavored gum or candies, such as Mike and Ike

1 green jelly spaghetti or other green jelly candy

1 green chewy fish-shaped candy


  1. Put the chewy candy drop in the center of the cupcake. Put the gum pieces around it in a petal pattern.
  2. If necessary, snip the green jelly candy into a piece about 2 inches long. Put it on the cupcake next to the candy drop and between 2 petals-it should hang over the cupcake slightly.
  3. Use a paring knife to press 1 vein down the center of the fish, and a few from the center vein to the edges. Put the leaf next to the stem.