How to Make Multi-Grain Focaccia with Herbs and Garlic

Food Network Kitchens make it easy to bake Multi-Grain Focaccia bread With Herbs and Garlic with these step-by-step instructions.

This particular focaccia is a savory whole-grain version and a perfectly indulgent way to get more grains into your diet.

Get the Recipe: Multi-Grain Focaccia with Herbs and Garlic

Soaking the whole wheat flour and steel cut oats with a bit of yeast for 12 hours or overnight softens their textures and adds complex flavor to final bread.

Press dough in a 12 by 8-inch rectangle. Using a bench scraper, fold the dough as you would a business letter. The dough is very wet, so move quickly with the scraper and fold one end of the dough over the other.

Brush any raw flour from the surface of the dough before you fold over the second end.

Divide dough into two pieces and place in two rectangular pans. Put half the olive oil in each pan and turn dough over to coat both sides with oil.

Press dough evenly into the pans with your fingers to dimple the surface.