Recipe courtesy of Vicki Liley

Melon and Prosciutto Wraps

  • Yield: Makes 48
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1/2 cantaloupe

1/2 honeydew melon

24 very thin slices prosciutto

48 toothpicks


  1. Scoop out seeds from each melon half. Cut each half into 6 wedges. Remove melon skins. Wrap 1 or 2 slices of prosciutto around each wedge. Secure prosciutto with 4 toothpicks. Cut each wedge into 4 bite-sized pieces. Cover and refrigerate.
  2. Serve chilled.
  3. (Can be made 2 to 3 hours ahead of time and chilled. Make sure melon wedges are well wrapped so that they do not dry out.)
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