Holiday Popcorn Balls

Food Network Magazine gives old-fashioned popcorn balls a fun new spin with flavors like cranberry-ginger, rum-raisin and Mexican chocolate.

Photo By: Kang Kim

Photo By: Kang Kim

Photo By: Kang Kim

Photo By: Kang Kim

Photo By: Kang Kim

Photo By: Kang Kim

Coconut-Almond Popcorn Balls

Put a tropical twist on this holiday classic by adding shredded coconut and almond extract.

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Mexican Chocolate Popcorn Balls

Get your chocolate fix with a kick: Cocoa powder, cayenne, nutmeg and cinnamon make this popcorn ball taste just like hot chocolate with a hint of heat.

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Honey-Nut Popcorn Balls

This crunchy treat made with honey, almond butter and mixed nuts gets even more texture once it's rolled in toasted sesame seeds.

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Cranberry-Ginger Popcorn Balls

Elevate the traditional pairing of cranberry and white chocolate with crystallized ginger and a pinch of salt.

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Rum-Raisin Popcorn Balls

Spiced rum and golden raisins are the base for this masterpiece rolled in confectioners' sugar.

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Sugar Plum Popcorn Balls

This popcorn ball tastes as good as it looks thanks to mini marshmallows, plum jam and coarse sugar.

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