Food Network Star, Season 13: Top Moments of Episode 3

Relive the best moments of Week 3, and go on set with Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis and the finalists.

Episode: All-Terrain Eats

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

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Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Photo By: Eddy Chen

Taking In the Experience

Given their missteps in last week's team challenge, both Matthew and Suzanne are set on improving their games this week as they work on new teams to host experiential dinners for a crowd of guests. "My voice is going to be heard this week," Suzanne proclaims after Trace too endeavors to take on the dessert, which she badly wants for herself. Lucky for her, Team captain Cory lets her have it.


Home-Cook Glory

Home cook Amy and professional chef Cory are making the beach-inspired seafood courses for their dinners, and though Amy is nervous about her potential lack of chops, she manages to wow the crowd more than her rival, thanks to her cheery Hawaiian vibes in her video. Plus, as Bobby notes, she cooked for the challenge: "I like the casualness of it. I mean, you're at the beach, so that's important to remember too."

Stress Abounds

Though Suzanne got her way in the kitchen with dessert, the challenge isn't exactly easy for her as her baklava turns out too dry. Come the video segment, she wastes significant time trying to deliver a concise snippet, ultimately resulting in teammates Cory and David to have to hurry through their clips.

Needing More

"I want his personality to show up in food," says Bobby of Rusty, whose potato gratin appetizer leaves them craving more flavor. Rusty's presentation, though, is full of his signature entertainment, which makes the mentors laugh.

Going Strong

Team captain Addie purposely chooses Jason to be on her team, as she believes his dessert skills to be top-notch — and she's right. Jason's mountain-inspired Berry Compote is a hit with the judges and crowd alike, especially compared to his rival Suzanne's baklava, so it's no wonder that he's deemed a winner this week. 

A Flavor Flop

Both teams' pasta-course cooks find themselves in the bottom this week, but it's only partly because of the dishes they served. While Trace's penne with mushrooms was lacking moisture, Cao's Vietnamese-style pho is simply "bland," according to Giada. "It's been her argument that this food takes a long time and she doesn't have the time, but she has to figure to it out."

When Experience Isn't Enough

By now we know that Matthew has been in this competition before — a few times — and while experience can be a good thing, it can also be a detriment. "He's producing himself too much," notes Giada. But true to Matthew's point of view, his Southwestern-inspired lamb is a hit.

Dreams Dashed

After just three weeks in the competition, ultimately Suzanne, who calls herself "Chef Mama Suzanne," is sent home, much to her disappointment. "I don't think that it's fair," Suzanne says simply. "I've been cooking my whole entire life. It's my passion."

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