Unicorn Froot Loops Are Like a Rainbow-Colored Dream Come True

Kellogg’s has bestowed upon a sparkly-rainbow-pony-obsessed world a limited-edition Unicorn Froot Loops.

OMG. Kellogg’s has now bestowed upon a sparkly-rainbow-pony-obsessed world a limited-edition Unicorn Froot Loops.

It may sound mythical, but in fact the cereal, in pretty pastel colors (pale pink, light lavender, gentle yellow), as opposed to the usual bold Froot Loops hues, is a real, true thing.

The hitch? It’s currently available only in select stores in Ireland and the U.K. – though it’s rolling out to a few more supermarkets in the coming weeks, reports England-based industry site BakeryandSnacks.com.

It remains to be seen if those of us who are stuck Stateside will forever have as much of a chance of getting our hands on a box as on seeing, well, a unicorn. But whether or not the unicorn-inspired cereal manages to leap across the pond (perhaps it will sprouts sparkly-rainbow wings and gracefully fly across?), we can gawk at the fantastic and fetching rainbow-mane-sporting creature on the box regardless. Not surprisingly, the dreamy product is alloverInstagram.

We can also marvel over Kellogg’s claim that the supernatural cereal contains only natural colorings, which may explain those gentle, pale hues. It is also mineral- and vitamin-fortified, containing vitamins C and B, calcium, and iron. Plus it’s high in fiber and low in saturated fat, according to Bakeryandsnacks.com.

It’s hard to think of anything that comes in this kind of hot-pink, faux-sparkle packaging as being healthy. But if this cereal proves anything, it’s that anything is possible and dreams really can come true.

Photo courtesy of @KelloggsUK

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