Honey Jelly Is TikTok’s Latest Summer Treat, and It's Really, Really Easy to Make

It’s a one-ingredient wonder.


Photo by: Emma Farrer/Getty

Emma Farrer/Getty

In today’s TikTok food news, users on the popular platform have recently been sharing videos of a new trendy snack that’s perfect for summer and the warm weather that comes with it, and is super easy to make.

This latest viral recipe of the moment is called honey jelly, and it basically entails popping some honey in the freezer for a few hours until it boasts a jelly-like consistency. One of the first honey jelly TikToks was posted by a user who goes by the handle @random.videoslmaooo. “Basically you just freeze honey,” she states in a video shared earlier this month.

The TikToker begins by pouring about two tablespoons of honey into an empty water bottle. “I put the cap on,” she explains as she stores the bottle in her freezer upside down. “Some people leave it to freeze for a whole day, but I’m only going to freeze it for two hours.”


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After only one hour had passed, the TikToker retrieved her bottle from the freezer and gave it a try. The honey’s syrup-like texture was no more, because it had begun to solidify after just an hour in the freezer. Instead, it was more like jelly, and tough enough so the TikToker could bite off one piece at a time.

“Oh my god, I love this,” she exclaimed as she took a taste. “This is so nice.”

While it’s hard to imagine that the honey tastes any different after its trip to the freezer, the texture clearly changes, and the fact that the honey is now cool makes it an ideal sweet treat for a hot summer day.

As with many viral TikTok recipes, there are now dozens of versions of honey jelly on the platform. In a clip shared earlier this week, TikToker @jonathan._.linares makes regular honey jelly and also whips up a batch in which he combined honey and blueberry Jell-O powder to create, you guessed it, blueberry honey jelly.


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While it took Jonathan’s honey more than an hour to freeze, the final products were clearly worth it. Though the regular honey jelly was “so good,” Jonathan was really impressed with the blueberry version and its bright blue-green hue. “This one came out so much better,” he gushed.

This trick also works well with flavored honey — like the ever-popular Mike’s Hot Honey or some classy Brown Butter Truffle Honey from Truffle Shuffle — and others have tried it with corn syrup instead. While the corn syrup doesn’t seem to freeze as well, the final product is still pretty cool, especially if you add some food coloring to create a vibrant treat.

Will you be whipping up some honey jelly this weekend?

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