The Kitchen's Snow Day Cooking Means Stick-to-Your-Ribs Comfort

Get the recipes for The Kitchen co-hosts' top recipes for hearty, warming winter fare.
Ricotta Gnocchi

Fresh off a brutal weather week that left the East Coast blanketed in winter white, The Kitchen co-hosts came together this morning for an entire hour dedicated  snow-day cooking. Whether you're holed up indoors during a snow day or you're forced to brave the elements and shovel, the name of the culinary game on chilly snow days is warming comfort food. Read on below to get the cast's top takes on stick-to-your-ribs recipes for next-level gnocchi, plus the fluffiest mashed potatoes, a spiked cocoa cocktail and more.

If you've never before made gnocchi at home, Geoffrey Zakarian's fuss-free recipe for Ricotta Gnocchi (pictured above) is a good place to start. He combines rich ricotta cheese with nutty Parmesan for flavor, then mixes in two kinds of flour and eggs to bind the dumplings together. After just a few minutes in boiling water, they turn out tender and delicate, ready to be tossed in a garlicky pancetta-studded tomato sauce. Geoffrey says that uncooked gnocchi will be good in the freezer for two weeks, so plan ahead for easy weeknight meals with ready-to-go gnocchi.

Garlic Mushroom Fondue

Melted cheese may be the ultimate in comfort food, and to best take advantage of that, look to fondue. While Marcela Valladolid dished on a quick-fix savory Garlic Mushroom Fondue (pictured above) best served with crostini and fresh vegetables, Katie Lee offered a sweet  Peanut Butter Chocolate Fondue for dessert, which she suggests pairing with pretzel rods, strawberries or gooey marshmallows for dipping. Perhaps the best part about Katie's four-ingredient recipe is that you don't need a fondue pot to make it.

Vanilla, Almond and Cocoa Latte

Photo by: Pawel Kaminski

Pawel Kaminski

Not your average winter sipper, Geoffrey's Vanilla, Almond and Cocoa Latte — an adults-only cocktail — features a mash-up of flavors of your morning cup of coffee and traditional cocoa. Geoffrey opts for a trio of amaretto, chocolate and vanilla liqueurs, plus espresso powder and shaved chocolate to create over-the-top decadence (pictured above).

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