What Your Ice Cream Is Missing: Sweet Sundae Sauces

Transform your dessert game with these sweet-tooth-satisfying sundae toppings.

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What Your Ice Cream Is Missing: Sweet Sundae Sauces

Set photography from the production of Food Network's, The Kitchen, episodes 1001-1005 on May 18-20, 2016. Photo By Todd Plitt for BSTV

Photo by: Todd Plitt

Todd Plitt

On its own, ice cream is great. Actually, it's really great. But that doesn't mean you can't make this staple summertime dessert into an even more indulgent and sweet-tooth-satisfying treat. That's where the sundae sauce comes in. Just a drizzle of these rich toppings is all it takes to make you feel like you're eating an extra-special dessert. Bonus: These sauce recipes aren't tricky or time-consuming to make. In fact, they're easy enough to prepare on a weeknight when you're feeling decadent. The co-hosts of The Kitchen showed off three must-try takes on sundae sauces on this morning's brand-new episode. Read on below to get a trio of ideas from Katie Lee, Marcela Valladolid and Jeff Mauro.

Strawberry Sundae Sauce

Photo by: Todd Plitt

Todd Plitt

Jeff lets the natural sweetness of juicy seasonal strawberries shine in his vibrant sauce. To balance the flavor, he looks to a squeeze of lemon juice, and cornstarch helps to thicken the mixture. When it comes to serving, follow Jeff's lead and finish your ice cream sundae with this sauce and a sprinkle of salted peanuts for a welcome crunchy texture.

Mocha Fudge Sauce

Photo by: Todd Plitt

Todd Plitt

If you've ever ordered an iced mocha at the coffee shop and thought about how good the drink would be with ice cream, you'll want to try Katie's quick-fix sauce. A couple of teaspoons of instant espresso infuse the semisweet chocolate with a subtle scent and taste of coffee, while a few drops of vanilla mixed in before serving round out the flavors.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sauce

Photo by: Todd Plitt

Todd Plitt

It takes only four ingredients to turn out Marcela's fuss-free recipe. Sweetened condensed milk offers a thick, rich base for the peanut butter, which is made especially luxurious with the addition of butter.

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