4 Delicious Dishes to Celebrate Diwali at Home

Light up your kitchen with these sweet and savory recipes.

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Gulab Jamun

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

Celebrating Diwali at home this year? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. The following recipes, developed for Food Network Kitchen by Nidhi Jalan, are classic Indian dishes that are ideal for celebrating the festival of lights. Whether you’re all about the mithai (sweets) or prefer savory options, these delicious recipes promise an extra-special celebration.

Gulab Jamun (pictured above)

Beloved by both adults and children, these syrupy dough balls are one of the most popular desserts in North India. Making the dessert does require some patience, but the decadent end result is well worth the wait. Start by preparing a simple dough, then let it rest while you prepare a simple syrup that’s flavored with rose water (gulab) and warm spices like cardamom and saffron. Once the dough is fried in walnut-sized balls, allow them to soak up the syrup for at least an hour, then garnish with nuts before serving. Pro tip? If you find the dessert too sweet, a touch of alcohol in the syrup will help!

Aloo Matar Tikki

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

A popular street food in Delhi, these potato patties are stuffed with peas and fried until crispy. Instead of deep frying, we dredge the patties in breadcrumbs and pan-fry them in a skillet to achieve the same delicious crunch with significantly less oil. Serve with cilantro chutney for a perfectly piquant flavor.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

As Nidhi says, this carrot-based dessert is ideal for special occasions like Diwali, when the weather is cooler and carrots are in season. Made with just six simple ingredients (milk, carrots, nuts, ghee, cardamom and brown sugar), it’s a subtle yet decadent treat. For the best results, Nidhi has two important tips: make sure the carrots are coarsely grated (texture is key) and prepare this dish either early in the day or the day before to save time. When you’re ready to serve, simply heat some ghee in a skillet or wok and cook the halwa until caramelized and slightly crunchy.

Vegan Halwa

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

Traditionally made with whole milk and ghee, halwa is just as delicious with almond milk and vegan butter or coconut oil. Like risotto, cooking the halwa requires lots of stirring and a bit of patience, but as Nidhi says, "put on some nice music and just enjoy the process of making this gorgeous dessert."

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