The Sweet, Crispy Treat That Will Bring a Special Touch to Your Summer Fruit Platters

Hawa Hassan’s Mofo Akondro (Banana Fritters) are grain-, nut- and gluten-free making them the ideal treat for just about any guest.

July 01, 2021

Photo by: Jason DeCrow

Jason DeCrow

Freshly sliced fruit platters are a must at any backyard gathering, and even work for a quiet evening on the patio. While the right combination of sweet summer gems is enough to top off a delicious meal, Hawa Hassan, author of In Bibi’s Kitchen, has a simple way to add something special to any fruit spread.

Mofo Akondro, or banana fritters, are a common snack in Madagascar. On the island, they’re eaten a number of ways, and they’re often served to guests with hot coffee or picked up from street carts on the way to work. They also pair well with fresh fruit. The treats are just like any other fruit on a platter – except they’re coated in an airy batter and lightly fried to crispy perfection. In her new digital series, Hawa at Home, Hawa shares how easy it is to make them in your own kitchen.

First, Hawa makes a cassava flour-based batter, then covers the mixture for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, she slices firm ripe bananas into bite-sized pieces as oil heats up. Once it’s at temperature, Hawa dips each banana slice into the batter and fries them up. She fishes them out with a spider once they float to the top (that’s how you know they’re done) and you’re left with satisfyingly sweet, golden, crisp treats.

Just before digging in, Hawa dusts the fritters with confectioners’ sugar, and serves alongside fresh mango and papaya slices. Between the soft, fleshy mango and papaya – or whatever assortment of fruit you have at home – the fritters offer some much-needed crunch.

Mofo Akondro 15:00

Hawa makes banana fritters, which are a common snack in Madagascar.

The beauty of this snack is it’s easy to make just the right amount. Slice more bananas for guests, or one if it’s just for yourself. And, if you’re using cassava flour to coat the pieces, you’ll be able to accommodate a variety of diets – the snack is grain-, nut- and gluten-free. No matter who’s coming to hang out, you can feel confident preparing it for just about anyone.

Check out more episodes of Hawa at Home to learn how to make more of Hawa’s favorite African dishes!

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