Thanksgiving Will Be Smaller This Year — But There’s One Thing I’m Looking Forward To

There’s no better time to try something new.

November 20, 2020
Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey

Photo by: Teri Lyn Fisher

Teri Lyn Fisher

I can’t say that I’ve never had turkey on Thanksgiving, but there have been many years when my family has sat down to a meal that didn't include this classic main. In my family, we alternate holiday hosts each year — and whenever it’s my parents turn to cook, we know one thing for sure: no turkey.

Instead, we cook up a storm and have over a dozen side dishes, several pots of gravy and one huge roast. Don’t get me wrong; my dad’s roast beef (which is perfectly tender, fatty and seasoned) gets plenty of praise — he even goes the extra mile and toasts up the spare ribs that come with the cut of beef — but it’s not the same as having turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

One year, my little cousin complained about not having turkey that day and my dad opened the refrigerator, whipped out a container of cold cuts and jokingly plopped it down on the counter saying, “There’s your turkey!” 🤣

It’s not that we don’t like turkey. It’s that it’s so intimidating to cook one. And, there’s so much pressure when you’re expecting a houseful of guests.

Since the holidays are looking a little different this year, our guest list has shrunken significantly — and we’re only celebrating with our immediate family. With it being just us, there’s less pressure — and more freedom to try something new. That’s why my dad has officially declared this as the year when he will attempt to cook a Thanksgiving turkey!

And, while my dad knows his way around the kitchen, this will still be his first time making a turkey. He’s going to need all the help he can get. That’s why we suggested he try something easy to follow, with clear instructions and familiar ingredients, like Food Network’s World's Simplest Thanksgiving Turkey, Basic Turkey or The Best Roasted Turkey (pictured above). Ina’s Perfect Roast Turkey is a top contender, too. What I love about each one of these recipes is that the prep work doesn’t take much time — and the 5-star reviews let me know we’ll end up with some really delicious results. (Hopefully!)

Whichever my family ends up choosing, I know these recipes will help make things easier. And, who knows? Maybe my dad will cook a turkey next Thanksgiving, too!

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