What in the World is Ruby Chocolate?

The trendy, pink-hued treat — explained.

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January 27, 2020
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By now, we’ve seen millennial pink foods in just about every form: doughnuts, cocktails, Starbucks drinks and even cheese. And right when you thought this trendy, cotton candy-hued color was old news, a new pink goodie has popped up all over our Instagram feeds: ruby chocolate.

Ruby chocolate first made headlines in January 2018 when Nestlé announced it was releasing a limited-edition ruby chocolate Kit Kat flavor exclusively in Japan and South Korea. After quickly selling out, the company then launched the Kit Kat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby flavor in the United Kingdom in April 2019. While this particular pink-tinted candy has yet to reach the U.S., other brands have followed suit and released their own ruby chocolate treats.

So, what’s the deal with ruby chocolate? Is it really any different than regular ol’ chocolate? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest pastel pink confection.

So, What Is Ruby Chocolate?

In September 2017, scientists at the Swiss chocolate-making company Barry Callebaut announced the discovery of ruby chocolate, the first new chocolate development since Nestlé debuted white chocolate in 1930. According to Barry Callebaut, ruby chocolate is made from “ruby cacao beans,” which are found in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast. Similar to grapes that are grown for fine wine, the ruby cacao beans are influenced by their environment and thereby cultivated in specific climate conditions.

While the chocolate manufacturer has kept the details on how ruby chocolate is produced top secret, they have shared that the candy’s photo-worthy blush color and unique flavor are a result of the ruby cacao bean’s fermentation process.

What’s It Taste Like?

Despite having no added berries, flavor or coloring, ruby chocolate still tastes pretty fruity. The chocolate boasts a sweet, berry-like flavor with a slightly tart after-note. It’s completely unlike milk or dark chocolate, seeing that it’s not overly milky or bitter.

Instead, ruby chocolate blends hints of berry (most notably raspberry and strawberry) with a smooth, decadent texture. If anything, it almost tastes like a rich, berry-flavored white chocolate.

How Can You Get Your Hands on It?

Itching to try this rose-colored confection out for yourself? Although you won’t find the elusive flavor in the candy aisle of most major retailers quite yet, we’ve rounded up a few ruby chocolate treats you can add to your cart ASAP:

Ditch your usual chocolate bar for this indulgent ruby cacao candy... and make sure to snap a pic for the ’gram.

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These ruby cacao truffles from Harry & David are a vibrant twist on a classic sweet. Each box includes 12 gorgeous ruby-hued truffles — a delightful gift for your Valentine or Galentine (or yourself!). We’re sold.

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For a limited time, Haagen-Dazs is bringing ruby chocolate straight to your freezer. This new frozen treat combines crispy ruby cacao crackle with layers of pistachio and sweet cream ice cream. Grab a pint while you can!

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Magnum Mini Ruby Ice Cream Bars

Ice cream INSIDE ruby chocolate? Sign us up! In early February, Magnum is launching its latest creation: miniature ruby cacao ice cream bars. Be on the lookout for these adorable treats — each mini bar is comprised of sweet cream ice cream dipped in a crack-able shell made from ruby cacao beans.

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