12 Kitchen Gadgets and Tools Perfect for Kids Who Love to Cook

Because even the littlest sous chef needs the right equipment!

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November 11, 2022

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Cooking with little kids can be fun and messy, but as they get older, it can actually turn into a rather helpful experience. Smaller tasks like mixing and whisking are great ones to start with and eventually, your kiddo can move on to measuring, cutting and chopping. Like any good cook, the proper tools will go a long way. Here are 12 of our favorite colorful, durable and useful tools to get kids cooking in the kitchen — and have fun while doing it too!


It’s never too early to teach kids to stay organized while cooking, and these colorful silicone pinch bowls will help them along the way. They’re perfect for mise en place, holding mix-ins for baking, making spice blends and so much more.

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These nylon knives are the perfect introduction to knife skills. They’re shaped like actual knives, so kids can get used to holding them properly, but they aren’t quite as sharp. Use them to cut through softer items like fruits, breads, cakes and more.

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These tools are smaller in size, which make them perfect for pint-sized hands. Kids can use them for a variety of things like whipping up scrambled eggs, scraping the batter from the brownie bowl, flipping pancakes and measuring ingredients (the holder doubles as a measuring cup!)

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This cutter not only adds a cool wavy texture to your fruits, vegetables and cheeses, it’s also a great way to introduce your kids to knife safety. The cutter is sturdy and easy to grip but kids still need to learn to mind their fingers because the blade is sharp! Have them cut up strawberries, cucumbers, cheddar cheese and more as they get more comfortable with beginner kitchen safety.

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Teaching your kids proper measurements helps with cooking and math. These measuring spoons are color-coded with large, easy to read measurements. The wide spoon format also allows for less spills and more independence.

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This food-grade silicone baking set is perfect for an afternoon of baking with your kids. The rolling pins come in two sizes, so you can each grab one to roll out your dough. The brush and scraper make it easy for them to spread frosting, icing and other goodies. Cleanup will also be a total breeze!

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Kids love mini-everything, and this sheet pan will help them create the perfect golf ball-sized treats. Use it to make mini-donuts, bagel bites, meatballs, cake pops and more. It’ll also teach them how to portion things uniformly for even cooking.

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If your kids are serious in the kitchen, it’s time to get them a serious uniform! Hedley & Bennet makes colorful and durable aprons for chefs across the country, including kid chefs. It’ll keep them from getting their clothes dirty, and they’ll look pretty cute geared up.

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Peeling vegetables is a great way to get your kids involved in cooking prep. This swivel peeler makes it easy for kids to help peel carrots, apples and more for any dish. Just teach them how to properly hold the peeler (and peel away from themselves) and your kids will own the task.

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Balloon whisks are a must in any kitchen tool drawer, but this one is especially great for kids. The bright colored rainbow whisk is made of silicone, which means they can beat eggs or stir sauces and not have to worry about scratching any surfaces.

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Mixing bowls are essential in every kitchen. These OXO bowls are great for kids thanks to their non-slip bottoms and handles. Plus, their pourable spouts make it easier to transfer ingredients. The bowls also clean out easily and nest for simple storage...simple enough for the kids to put away!

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If your little one gets excited about sweets, they’ll love the opportunity to whip up some of their own. This baking set has everything they need, including a spatula, measuring tools, a loaf pan and baking cups. It even comes with recipes to get them started on tasty creations.

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