10 Must-Have Kitchen Tools That are Less Than $10

These simple, accessible kitchen gadgets will upgrade your cooking without emptying your wallet.

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March 27, 2023

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It’s easy to stare with envy at expensive kitchen gadgets that make your home feel restaurant-level. Even as you fill your wishlist and save up for those, you can invest just a few more dollars into your kitchen tools lineup. These simple gadgets can cut down on prep time, make cleaning easier and even elevate the simplest recipes. Stocking your kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank.


Whisks by nature take up a lot of valuable space in your utensil drawer, but this foldable whisk collapses for easy storage. It’s dishwasher safe and made of silicone-coated steel to save your nonstick cookware from scraping metal. With a twist of the handle, it goes in between a balloon whisk for fluffy egg whites or a flat whisk for blending gravy ingredients.


This compact egg-shaped separator is dishwasher-safe and made for breakfast or baking. It latches onto the side of a bowl and prevents dripping on the countertop or the sides of your favorite pan. The separator comes with a plastic nub for easy cracking. Egg whites fall into a bowl while saving the yolk, and this gadget also keeps egg shells from falling in.


Microwave grime can build up over time, and it’s easy to forget to clean it between uses. Rather than make a mess with a soapy sponge or scrub too hard with a wipe, this microwave cleaner provides an easy solution with natural ingredients. Simple household vinegar and water converts to steam in the cleaner, treating caked-on stains. Wipe away pasta sauce, grease and whatever else graces your microwave with ease.


Prevent those microwave messes in the first place with this splatter guard. There’s nothing like a multipurpose kitchen tool. The vent holes at the top of the guard allow steam to escape, but turn it upside down and it becomes a colander for rinsing fresh produce. Plus, it’s collapsible for easy storage in a narrow space.


Decrease time spent crumbling meat at the stove with this five-blade spatula. Meat won’t stick to it like it would to a wooden spoon, and its heat resistant nylon saves your nonstick pans and cast irons from metal utensil scratching. The spatula is family gathering friendly, so you can make mashed potatoes, crumble pounds of sausage, tenderize steak or mash avocados for a smooth guacamole.


Trivets are an essential for any stovetop cooking. Many countertops are made of material not designed to handle heat, such as marble. These trivets keep pans from being placed directly on the countertop. When not using it for pots and pans, it can be a spoon rest or a jar opener, and its intricate design adds an elegant touch to your kitchen.


The splash zone around your kitchen faucet can be an annoying thing to dry, not to mention an area for bacteria to grow. This splash catcher is designed to drain, keeping water and bacteria from collecting around your faucet. This washable silicone mat fits snug around the faucet for a neater sink and comes with grips as the perfect surface for sponges and soap to rest, drain and dry.


Spend just a few dollars more than you would for disposable ones, and get these baking cups you can use over and over again. These BPA-free, food-grade silicone baking cups will up your cupcake game. Use them for cupcakes, egg bites or anything else you’d use a muffin pan for. Plus, think outside the oven: these cups are freezer-safe (hello, meal prep), microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe for quick cleanup.


Cutlery might take less time to wash than pots, pans and plates, but getting in the nooks and crannies of forks can be easier with this blade brush. Use it to clean knives and protect your hands from the blade for a thorough, safe clean. Avoid slicing open sponges with this brush with bristles that make cleaning the cutlery a breeze. The textured handgrip claims to provide steadiness when dealing with soaking wet cutlery.


Upgrade your home barista skills with this easy-to-use milk frother. Whether you’re using it for morning matcha, powdered greens or milk foam on coffee (or an extra fancy hot cocoa). You can even use milk frothers to create Instagram-worthy syrup patterns in your glass. The frother claims to work on all milk types, so go wild with the alternative of your choosing.

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