Restaurant Revisited: Bad JuJu at The JuJu Bag

Find out how The JuJu Bag is doing after its transformation on Restaurant: Impossible.
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It was a perfect storm of sorts at The JuJu Bag in New Orleans when Robert Irvine first arrived at this part cafe, part barber salon: inferior food coming out of an ill-equipped kitchen, wall-to-wall oddball decor not fit for a restaurant, and an owner who was resistant to change. With limited time to work, it was up to Robert Irvine and his Restaurant: Impossible team to not only convince owners Tommye Myrick and Phyllis Johnson that their business was in need of a serious overhaul, but also to transform a dining space and a working salon. Read on below to hear from Tommye, aka the Director of the business, to find out how The JuJu Bag is doing today.

"We have taken Robert's suggestions," Tommye says, adding that they've downsized their staff and changed their hours "to fit the needs of the community."

When it comes to the food at The JuJu Bag, the owners have trimmed at least 30 items from the menu, and they now "offer daily specials," according to Tommye. She also adds that they're now working with a gas stove.

Tommye says that there's indeed been a change in staff morale, and she notes, "We did an entire day of paid training at the cafe."

Looking ahead to what the future holds, Tommye says, "We believe in our product, The JuJu Bag Cafe and the Barber Salon, and 'exiting stage left' is not an option."

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