Classic All-American Eats: The Best Diner Dishes on Top 5 Restaurants — Vote for Your Favorite

Browse through the photo gallery to see what Top 5 Restaurants features as America’s best diner dishes. Then vote in the poll to tell us which dish is your favorite.

Where can you eat breakfast for dinner, drink a cup of joe all day long or sit and relax without any fuss? It's the American diner. On a recent episode of Top 5 Restaurants, hosts Geoffrey Zakarian and Sunny Anderson revealed the best diner dishes and where to get them. Whether they're homey comfort food or towering carb-loaded dishes that double as hangover cures, these dishes keep customers coming back for more. Find out what made the list and which diner to visit next.

If you're looking for comfort food with a high-quality twist, then head to 24 Diner in Austin. There Executive Chef Andrew Curren serves up his popular meatloaf, which is made with no fewer than 30 ingredients, and it's served with mashed potatoes and braised green beans. It's definitely not your mom's meatloaf — it's better.

Located in La Jolla, Calif., Harry's Coffee Shop, opened in the 1960s, has grown to become an area fixture. The BW Benny is a bacon waffle topped with eggs Benedict. Owner Harry Rudolph III makes the waffles in vintage waffle irons so that they're denser and crispier than the Belgian-style waffles that most restaurants serve now.

In operation since after the Great San Francisco earthquake, St. Francis Fountain in the Mission District is popular for one of its less traditional dishes. The Nebulous Potato Thing, created back in 1988, is basically a heaping pile of potatoes, topped with two kinds of cheese and a perfectly fried egg. Weighing it at three-and-a-quarter pounds, it's a dish that you'll need a hearty appetite — or a hangover — to finish.

When you think chicken pot pie, you have a certain picture in mind. But at Agawam Diner in Rowley, Mass., it's served upside down. Owner John Galanis' father came up with the recipe about 60 years ago, and it's as simple as can be: white meat chicken, carrots, peas, white gravy and a pie dough top.

Located in Pawtucket, R.I., Modern Diner is operated out of a rail car, and has even been designated a historic landmark. Owner Nick Demou's Custard French Toast is made with a simple mixture of milk, eggs and spices, but with Texas toast. For serving it's ladled with custard and topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, sliced kiwi, candied pecans and raspberry syrup.

Browse through the photo gallery to see what Top 5 Restaurants features as the country's best diner dishes. Then vote in the poll to tell us which dish is your favorite.[pollcaster widget="poll" id="9hGZcKQNNx82CEzHOg8qDDFBHja" width="100%" height="auto"]

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