Chopped Viewers' Choice: Fans, You Choose the Chopped Mystery Basket Ingredients

Find out how you can choose the mystery basket ingredients for unsuspecting chefs in an upcoming episode.
Show: Chopped

Photo by: Susan Magnano

Susan Magnano

Chopped fans, it's that time again, where you get a chance to determine the mystery basket ingredients chefs have to cook with on the show. As we've seen in the past, some of your choices have stumped and upset chefs (just watch the video below for proof!). Here's your chance to be a part of the competition in a unique way. Through our social media channels, you’ll be able to choose the basket ingredients for unsuspecting competitors in a future episode. It's your opportunity to assemble the ingredients that make it into all three of the mystery baskets — one basket will be created by Twitter followers, another by Facebook fans and the third by Instagram users. We'll let you know when to tune in so you can see how the chefs fare.

Watch the video below to see how Facebook fans stumped this unsuspecting chef.

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A Raw Deal 04:00

Will the judges send Rory away for her underdone steak and tater tot hash?

All you have to do is post your ingredient suggestions on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Use the hashtag #ChoppedViewersChoice on Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to post all your ideas by Friday, May 20 at 5 p.m.

What ingredients would you put inside the Chopped mystery baskets?

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