4 Egg Rules That Alex Guarnaschelli Breaks

Find out why she never adds this to scrambled eggs.

Host Alex Guarnaschelli, as seen on Supermarket Stakeout, Season 1.

Host Alex Guarnaschelli, as seen on Supermarket Stakeout, Season 1.

Photo by: Michael Moriatis

Michael Moriatis

Recently, Alex stopped by the Food Network kitchens to demo the most-popular ways to make eggs and to promote her new show Supermarket Stakeout. While there, she shared her tricks, tips and a few controversial opinions on how she likes this popular breakfast staple.

She washes her mushrooms for omelets.

“Can you visibly see dirt on your mushrooms?” asks Alex. “If the answer is yes, wash your mushrooms. That’s right, I said it. I know there is all this poetry online about wiping them gently with a cloth. If there’s dirt on your mushrooms, wash your mushrooms, unless you are interested in eating dirt.”

Alex washes her mushrooms right before cooking so they are not sitting in a lot of water for a long time. Then she cooks them over high heat. “Most of that water will come out anyway,” she says, “and you’ll be eating clean food.” Bonus!

She likes a browned omelet.

“I like a little brown on my omelet. I know that Escoffier would be upset.”

She skips the milk in scrambled eggs in favor of cream or water.

“Nothing is wrong,” says Alex, “it’s all a matter of what result you want. For creamy eggs, use equal parts cream and egg. For fluffy eggs, add water,” she suggests. When you add a splash of cold water, the eggs steam. "This makes a fluffy egg,” she says.

When it comes to milk. though, Alex isn’t a fan, even though it was what her mother used. She finds that milk tends to leak liquid out of the eggs. Sorry, mom!

She adds salt to eggs before cooking them.

“Salt or no salt? Some people say it makes the eggs tough if you add the salt beforehand … I want my eggs to be seasoned. I am going to season my eggs from the get-go.”

Catch Alex as the host of Supermarket Stakeout Tuesdays at 10|9c.

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