9 Sleep Trackers That Will Tell You How Well (or Not) You're Actually Sleeping Every Night

This is your guide to nine different sleep trackers on the market right now.

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November 14, 2019

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Curious about your sleep habits? Just like everything else, there’s an app for that — and a wristband, and a watch, and a ring! The following sleep trackers will tell you everything you need to know (and then some) about the way you sleep and how it may impact your health.


The North Activity Tracker and the accompanying "Your Fitness" app tracks steps and hours of sleep. A very cost effective model at $10, you do get what you pay for. It’s a little tricky to charge and the band is a little flimsy. It’s safe to say this device probably won’t last for you for the long haul, but for a short term sleep tracking experiment it could be the way to go.

$30 per month

One of the hottest trackers around, the Whoop wrist band is a finely tuned device that aims to measure your exertion, recovery and sleep habits, and tracks and analyzes it using a highly-detailed app. Users pay a month membership fee of $30 (and discounted rates when you pay annually up front). Athletes who are trying to get the most out of their training may benefit most from this device’s functionality.


The oh-so popular brand of activity trackers offers sleep analytics on some of its units, including the FitBit Versa 2. FitBit product offerings provide a wide range of features including a vibrating alarm and various amounts of sleep tracking analytics from sleep cycles to sleep timing and quality via the app.


Garmin has recently rolled out Advanced Sleep Monitoring functionality on compatible devices including the vivosmart4 Fitness Tracker. Well-suited for exercise fanatics, this device measures heart rate, pulse oximetry (a measure of oxygen levels in the blood), activity, stress levels and sleep patterns. Users are instructed wear the device at least two hours before bed, but it can be worn around the clock to best assess how activity factors into sleep. The vivosmart4 sells for $129.99 and other Garmin wearable devices with sleep monitoring range in price from $80 to $400.

Free to download

The SleepScore tracks and measures breathing rate and body movement using sonar technology which analyzes stages of sleep throughout the night. Sleepers wake up to a numeric score from 1 to 100 that gives them a sense of how their sleep stacked up. The basic is app is free but the company also offers a premium subscription ($4.99/month) that also allows for extra widgets and tracking for sleep history and personal trends. Optional daily questionnaires inquire about habits including caffeine and alcohol consumption, which affect your sleep and factor into you score. A user-friendly interface includes a "smart alarm window" that will program the alarm to wake you up during the lightest cycle of sleep (within a pre-set time frame) that aims to wake you up gently and when you will be most refreshed.


The next level of SleepScore is a "max" unit you hook up by your bedside and sync with an app on your phone via Bluetooth. The unit has sensors that measure the light and temperature in your bedroom along with your movements and breathing rate and factors all of this info into your sleep score for the night.


Unlike any other sleep tracker out there, the Oura Ring tracks everything from body temp to heart rate to steps and activity all while wrapped around your little finger. According to product developers, using a ring to measure heart rate and blood flow is more precise than wristbands which can be more easily disrupted. A Bluetooth-synced app tracks and analyzes your data yielding a daily "readiness" score (a number between 1 and 100) that summarizes your exertion, rest and recovery habits. Shooting for 80s or 90s is a good goal and, if enabled, tips and reminders will show up as alerts suggesting "power down" and "get ready for bed" at opportune times. This type of tracker is easy to wear — they have a surprisingly accurate fitting system. These trackers come in various designs including a diamond encrusted version for $999.00! This tracker definitely comes in at a higher price point, but for die-hard sleep stat junkies it’s worth the extra money.

Free to download
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We might file this tracker under "worth a shot" if you’ve got a bed mate who snores and you’re desperate enough to try anything. The SnoreLab app measures and tracks the sounds and vibrations that accompany snoring in an effort to suggest ways to reduce it. As neat as this app is, for more serious issues of snoring like sleep apnea consult your physician.

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