If You've Never Cooked Salmon Before, This Is the Kind You Should Buy

Find out how to cook foolproof fish every time on the Food Network Kitchen app.

January 15, 2020

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If you've made a resolution to eat better in 2020, whether you're eating better for your body or for the planet, there's a good chance that eating less meat is part of that. As a result, you might be cooking fish at home for the first time. Before you freak out at the thought of approaching the fish counter, let's start with what fish you should make.

Salmon is a great fish for beginners. It's versatile, meaty and pretty easy to cook. For any salmon first-timers, we love the Pan-Seared Salmon with Kale and Apple Salad class hosted by Dana Beninati on the Food Network Kitchen app. Dana walks you through the process for making a healthy kale salad and simple seared salmon for four in just under 30 minutes.

The key for anyone new to cooking salmon, according to Dana, is to look for farm-raised salmon as opposed to wild-caught. Farm-raised salmon has a higher fat content than wild-caught, which helps prevent the fish from being overcooked, she says. If the word "fat" makes you concerned, take a breath. Salmon is known for being a fatty fish, but it's mostly unsaturated fat, which can actually improve bad cholesterol. It's also got plenty of protein, which makes it a great alternative for red meat.

Because the salmon in this recipe is simply seasoned with salt and pepper, the flavors of the kale and apple salad can really shine through. Dates, apple and some cheese give this dish lots of flavor and crunch, which is a pleasant contrast to the indulgent salmon filet served on top. Make this recipe for dinner and save a serving for lunch the next day. We have a feeling this will become a go-to healthy recipe all year long.

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