Hot Chocolate Recipes

Who doesn't like to curl up with a cup of homemade hot chocolate during the holidays? Learn how by choosing from these delicious spiced and spiked holiday flavors. Get this and more on Food Network.

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Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Homemade peppermint hot chocolate is easy enough to prepare in just 15 minutes. Bittersweet chocolate melted into milk and heavy cream creates the rich, creamy base for the minty flavor.

Get the Recipe: Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Hot Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream

Dollop this cinnamon-spiked chocolate with vanilla ice cream to create a thick foam and then sprinkle the top with chili powder for a subtle savory note.

Get the Recipe: Hot Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream Dusted with Chili Powder

Spiked Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Sandra builds her dark hot chocolate in a slow cooker and spikes the milk with chocolate liqueur and peppermint schnapps. Add a candy cane garnish to stir in extra peppermint flavor with each sip.

Get the Recipe: Peppermint Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Stirrers

Giada uses vanilla almond milk for the base of this creamy hot chocolate and sweetens the mix with agave and a swirl of the chocolate-covered marshmallow stirrer.

Get the Recipe: White Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Stirrers

Aztec Hot Chocolate

This spicy sip gets a kick from chopped Mexican chocolate and dried guajillo chiles simmered in whole milk.

Get the Recipe: Aztec Hot Chocolate

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

A few spoonfuls of raspberry liqueur turn this warming sip into an adults-only cocktail, which is garnished with crystallized ginger.

Get the Recipe: Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Aarti's Spiced Hot Chocolate

Cardamom and curry powder lend a seductive aroma to Aarti's exotic hot chocolate that's sweetened with honey instead of sugar.

Get the Recipe: Spiced Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Whole milk and a disk of Mexican chocolate are all it takes to whip up this frothy, spicy chocolate sip.

Get the Recipe: Mexican Hot Chocolate

Double Hot Chocolate

Ina uses both bittersweet and milk chocolate in this doubly rich treat, and adds a hint of espresso powder to give it a caffeinated kick.

Get the Recipe: Double Hot Chocolate

Cocoa Colada

Creamy coconut milk adds a tropical flavor to this mug of milk chocolate, which is easily enhanced with a splash of coconut rum and a toasted coconut garnish.

Get the Recipe: Cocoa Colada

Holiday Hot Chocolate

Ina revamps this comforting holiday classic using chopped white chocolate instead of regular cocoa. A small dose of orange-flavored liquor lends a hint of bold flavor.

Get the Recipe: Holiday Hot Chocolate