8 Best Stoves and Ranges, According to Food Network Kitchen

Whether you're looking for dual fuel and double ovens or a solid, no-frills model, these are the best ranges for any kind of home cook.

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July 29, 2023

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Our Top Stove and Range Picks

By Sharon Franke for Food Network Kitchen

The heart of every kitchen is the range as that’s where all the action takes place. In the morning, it’s where you’re scrambling eggs, at midday, warming up soup, and before dinner time, roasting a chicken. Regardless of whether you make biscuits from refrigerated dough or your own croissants, you’re probably “lighting” the oven on a regular basis. Ranges vary widely in terms of how well they perform as well as in the features they offer. The best ones can bring a pot of water to a boil quickly, simmer chili steadily, and bake up several trays of evenly browned chocolate chip cookies at once. There are great options in gas and electric and they come with lots of features like double ovens and bridge burners to make cooking easier.

What's the Difference Between a Range, Stove and Cooktop?

Many people use the terms range and stove interchangeably. Ranges and stoves are units that include an electric or gas cooktop or stovetop attached to an oven that can slide in or be built into a space between countertops. "Stove" can also be used to refer to a heating element of a home like an old-fashioned wood stove. Cooktop refers to the space where you cook food over an open flame or electric burner to sear, saute and boil. Cooktops are sold separately from ovens.

What To Know About Choosing the Right Range for You

Gas or electric?

You may not have a choice as to which type of range to select. In order to easily install a gas range, you need to live in an area that has a natural gas line. If you live in a house with a yard, you do have the option of installing an LP tank. On the other hand, if your home currently has a gas range and you want to switch to an electric one, you may need to call in an electrician to put in a new circuit. Electric ranges require more power than a typical household outlet provides.

What’s the difference between gas and electric ranges?

When you turn a gas burner on or off, it responds immediately, giving you a lot of control over the heat. Electric burners are much slower to respond which means it’ll take longer for a pan to preheat and if a sauce is boiling over, you’ll have to take it off the burner until the heat drops. However, in the long run, electric catches up and cooks faster, which is great when you are bringing a big pot of water to boil for spaghetti. While electric ovens have a reputation for baking more evenly, today’s gas ovens give very good results.

What about dual fuel?

Ranges are available with gas burners and electric ovens to give what is widely regarded as the best performance on top of the stove and in the oven. In order to install a dual-fuel range, you need both a gas line and a 220-240-volt outlet. These models are premium priced.

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about induction. Can you explain what it is?

Induction ranges have the same smooth glass ceramic cooktops as electric ranges but below them there are coiled copper wires. When an electric current passes through the coils, a magnetic current is created which heats up pots and pans directly without heating the surface. Induction heats up much faster than electric cooktops. In addition, it’s a lot more responsive so it gives the kind of control you get with a gas range as well as very precise temperature control. In addition, induction ranges are the most energy efficient. Although induction ranges are expensive, prices have been coming down in recent years.

Can I use the same kind of pots and pans on all ranges?

In order to work with induction, cookware must be magnetic. It’s easy to figure out: If a magnet sticks to the bottom of a pan, it will work on an induction cooktop. However while magnetic pots and pans may heat up, they need perfectly flat bottoms to distribute heat evenly. Turn your cookware upside down and place a ruler across the bottom. If the edge touches the pan evenly across the entire surface, it’ll heat up uniformly.

While pots and pans don’t have to be magnetic to work on an electric cooktop, they do have to have perfectly flat bottoms that make good contact with the surface in order to achieve even results.

On gas ranges, your best bet is so-called clad cookware that is made of the same material on the sides and the bottom rather than cookware with a flat disc on the bottom.

What is a slide-in range?

Slide-in ranges are designed to be installed between cabinets, giving a sleek look at a lower cost than a true built-in model. They are unfinished on the sides and don’t have backguards. For a finished look, you’ll want to install tiles on the wall behind them. The controls are always upfront on top of the range or on the front of the appliance. You can expect to pay a premium for a slide-in range.

Photo by: The Home Depot/Frigidaire

The Home Depot/Frigidaire

What Features to Look for in Ranges and Stoves

Power burner. Every range should have at least one high-powered burner that will boil water quickly and give a good sear on a steak. On a gas range, power is measured in BTUs and on an electric range in wattage. Look for at least 15,000 BTUs or 3,000 watts.

Bridge burner. Electric ranges with this type of burner have an additional burner on one area of the range to connect the front and back burners, forming one long oval one. On gas ranges, you will sometimes find oval burners in the center. Bridge burners are ideal for griddles and fish poachers. Often a griddle is included with a range that has a griddle burner.

Convection oven. In this type of oven, there’s a fan to circulate hot air which will speed up cooking and promote browning. Often, there’s also a heating element near or around the fan. When using convection, you usually have to reduce the oven temperature and cooking time. Some ovens will automatically convert the temperature for you. In general, convection works better for roasting than for baking but results vary from brand to brand.

Double oven. This allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time. In some there are two separate cavities while in others, you place a divider into the oven to create two separate zones.

Self-cleaning oven. We think this feature is essential. Look for a traditional self-cleaning cycle which is often referred to as high heat or pyrolytic self-cleaning. While a quick or steam clean cycle may help loosen gunk, it will not thoroughly clean an oven with lots of baked-on spatters from roast chickens and spillovers from pies and casseroles.

How We Picked

Our selections are based on our writer’s many years of testing ranges in a laboratory and test kitchen setting. As we always do, we checked to see what both professional reviewers and home cooks have to say. We looked for products that have a history of good performance as well as useful features, both in gas and electric and at a variety of price points.


We love everything about this GE Profile gas range. For starters, it has an oven that bakes very evenly as well as great stovetop cooking. It has every feature you could possibly want in a range. On top, there’s two high-powered burners, one of which is a whopping 21,000 BTUs as well as moderate and low powered ones; there’s also a center oval one for a griddle and you get a reversible grill/griddle to use on it. The spacious convection oven comes with three racks. Bake a trio of pans of chocolate chip cookies at once and every cookie will be done at the same time. It’s equipped with an air fry function so you can make extra-crispy foods without using lots of oil and having a bulky appliance sitting on your countertop.

On this model, you’ll find both a traditional self-cleaning cycle and a steam clean one. You can steam off light soil and then give the oven a full cleaning if and when it gets really dirty. The stovetop grates can be placed in the dishwasher or in the oven during a self-clean cycle. When connected to Wi-Fi , this range can be controlled remotely on your mobile device or via Alexa or Google Assistant. As GE introduces new features, like its just released Turkey Mode, you’ll be notified and can download them to your smart range. You can choose between a smudge-resistant stainless steel or black stainless-steel finish.

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Although very reasonably priced, this Whirlpool has lots of great features. On the cooktop, there’s two power burners for boiling a big pot of water quickly so you can get the macaroni on the table fast. There are two large porcelain-coated cast iron grates that provide a continuous surface so it’s easy to move pots around on the stovetop. While the grates may be too large to fit in the sink, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The oven is generously sized and has a keep warm feature to keep food at serving temperature during a dinner party or for latecomers. Unlike many ranges at this price, it has a high heat self-cleaning cycle. It’s available in stainless steel as well as in black or white.

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The electric version of our best gas range, this model also gives great cooking and baking performance and has many of the same stand-out features. Of course, the stovetop has a smooth glass ceramic surface with elements rather than burners with grates. It has one power element as well as three moderate power ones and a fifth warming burner in the center. If you use the two elements on the left side together, they form a griddle burner. The convection oven is equipped with three racks and has a speedy preheat setting to cut down on waiting time when your kids are clamoring for dinner. The air-fry function lets you jump on the air fry trend, which gives you extra-crispy foods without using lots of oil and without sacrificing any precious countertop space to a bulky, awkwardly-shaped appliance.

As it has both a high heat self-cleaning cycle and a steam clean one, you have flexibility when it comes to maintenance. You can use the steam cycle frequently to prevent baked-on messes from building up or tackle heavy soil once or twice a year with the traditional self-clean. Connect this range to Wi-Fi and you can control it remotely on your phone or through Alexa or Google Assistant. You’ll also automatically receive notifications about new downloadable features as GE introduces them. This model is available in fingerprint-resistant stainless steel or black stainless steel.

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Without going over budget, you can have a beautiful stainless steel electric range with a glass ceramic cooking surface and a self-cleaning oven. The stovetop has five burners including one with high wattage for boiling water and searing steaks and a low power burner for keeping food warm or gently melting chocolate.

The oven is generously sized and well lighted but at this price you only get two oven racks. In addition to stainless steel, the Frigidaire is available in black stainless steel as well as black and white, which makes it a good choice if you’re looking for a range to coordinate with existing appliances in your kitchen.

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If you’re buying a new electric range but wish you could have a gas model, consider installing this induction range. It will give you the quick response that you get from a gas flame as well as very precise control over the heat setting. And you’ll love how quickly it heats up: In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be able to bring pasta water to boil. As only the pan heats up, not the stovetop itself, you won’t have burnt-on messes to contend with, making cleanup exceptionally easy. Just make sure your pots and pans are magnetic and have flat bottoms.

In addition to a state-of-the-art cooktop, this range has a large convection oven with three racks and lots of advanced features. It has a quick preheat setting for when you want to get a weekday casserole in the oven fast. When you use convection for baking, it will automatically convert the temperature you typically use for cakes or biscuits. There’s an air fry setting for making French fries and chicken nuggets without any oil. The Frigidaire has both steam clean and self-clean functions so you can do quick touchups on a regular basis and a long, high temperature deep clean once a year. You can choose either a stainless steel or a black stainless-steel finish.

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Avid cooks and bakers who often find themselves challenged when they want to roast a chicken on a high heat setting and bake dessert at a gentler temperature at the same time will love the convenience of this stainless-steel range with two separate ovens that can be used simultaneously at different temps. And with no worries that your chiffon cake will come out tasting like the garlic you rubbed on the chicken. The upper oven is smaller and perfect for broiling, making pizza, or even baking two sheets of cookies. While the larger, lower oven is not as big as the ones you’ll find in ranges with just a single oven, it can accommodate a Thanksgiving turkey or three pans of snickerdoodles at once. Do keep in mind that you’ll have to bend a bit when you use the bottom oven and there’s no storage drawer on this range.

On top of the stove, there’s a high BTU burner. The knobs for turning on the burners are large and angled so they’re easy to see and grasp. When they need to be cleaned the grates can safely be put in the dishwasher. In the lower oven, which is the one you’re most likely to use for roasts, there’s a convection mode. Both ovens have a quick 10-minute steam clean cycle as well as a long, high heat self-clean feature.

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Aptly named the Flex Duo, this Samsung range gives you ultimate flexibility. You can have one huge oven for a ginormous turkey or place a divider in the middle to create two separate ones; you can cook two different things at different temperatures — even salmon and butter cookies — at the same time without worrying that you’ll wind up with fishy-tasting shortbread. And with this range, you still have the convenience of a storage drawer at the bottom. You get two oven racks so you can bake two things in any of the ovens or one in the upper and one in the lower.

The smoothtop cooking surface has five burners including a high power one, a warming zone, and two that form a griddle burner; Samsung includes a nonstick griddle to use with it. In the oven, you’ll find a convection mode that works in the whole or upper oven and an air fry function to use in the large oven. It’s equipped with both steam clean and traditional self- clean modes. You can connect this range to an app on your phone so you can preheat the oven or change the temperature from another room as well as use Alexa, Bixby, or Google to give it voice commands. Choose the Samsung in either a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel or black stainless-steel finish.

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The Café is a stunning commercial-style range that slides in between cabinets for a built-in look. While not inexpensive, it’s a lot less costly than other pro-style, dual-fuel models. In addition to seriously upgrading the look of your kitchen, it’ll give you first-class cooking performance. On top of the range, there’s six gas burners of varying power that are covered with heavy-duty cast iron grates. Two of them form a griddle burner and a cast-iron griddle is included. The large electric oven comes with three racks and is one of the few that can bake three sheets of cookies at once and give good results. In convection mode, it will give you a perfectly browned and extra-crisp skinned chicken or turkey faster than usual and there’s even a temperature probe to make sure you’ve cooked your bird to a perfect doneness. As it has an air fry mode, you don’t need to clutter up your countertop with a bulky appliance in order to make the crispy fries and Brussels sprouts your family loves without using lots of oil. Below the oven, there’s a warming drawer which is perfect for entertaining.

You have the option of quickly steam cleaning the oven or running a full high heat self-clean cycle if it has lots of impossible to remove burnt-on spatters and spills. When you connect the Café to Wi-Fi you get remote and voice control as well as updates about new cooking programs as they become available. As you would expect on a pro-range, the finish is stainless steel but you have the option of paying a premium to replace the knobs and oven handle with brushed bronze, black, or copper versions.

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