Guy Fieri Makes Nachos in a Trashcan (and They're Awesome!)

In true Fieri fashion, these aren't your everyday nachos.

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Guy, Live

Leave it to Guy to turn a simple live cooking demo into an all-out party, complete with pumping music, plenty of The Drunk Donkey cocktails and, of course, over-the-top eats. That's just what happened at the 2015 South Beach Wine & Food Festival when Guy dished out the cheesiest, meatiest nachos ever.


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Building Flavors 

The key to successful nachos is layers upon layers of ingredients, and Guy took that idea to the next level when he created homemade versions of classic fixings, like cheese sauce, juicy carne asada and tender beans.

More Cheese, Please

Guy used not one or two but a whopping three kinds of cheese to make his ultra-rich queso. He reminded fans that it is important to opt for shredded cheese instead of chopped blocks, as the shredded stuff will break down easily and become part of the sauce more quickly.

Fit for the Occasion

To craft a plate of nachos to feed a standing-room-only crowd, Guy needed something more than an ordinary platter, and for that, he turned to a (clean) steel trashcan. This oversize container was about the only vessel large enough to hold his super-layered nachos. 

Helping Hands

After piling mounds of ingredients inside the can, Guy looked to two friends to help him slowly and carefully flip over the trashcan as the crowd looked on in wonderment. Despite some minor slippage, all of the chips and fixings managed to land on the tray. 

Finishing Touches

Just because Guy's nacho presentation was a bit (a lot) larger than most doesn't mean it could be any less well-executed, so he topped the pile with tried-and-true garnishes to round out the snack, like fresh jalapenos, refreshing salsa and even more shredded cheese.

Nachos for All

Fans could hardly wait to get their hands on these rich, comforting nachos, and sure enough, Guy gladly passed out plates for fans to sample.

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