Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea

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.25 oz. Tanqueray London Dry (25 oz. per bottle)

.25 oz. Smirnoff No. 21 Vodka (25 oz. per bottle)

.25 oz. Captain Morgan Silver Spiced (25 oz. per bottle)

.25 oz. Cuervo Especial Gold (25 oz. per bottle)

.25 oz. triple sec

1 oz. sweet and sour mix

6 oz. cola

1 lemon wedge


  1. Add Tanqueray London Dry, Smirnoff No.21 Vodka, Captain Morgan Silver Spiced, Cuervo Especial Gold, triple sec, and sweet and sour mix in ice-filled collins glass and stir.
  2. Top with cola.
  3. Garnish with lemon wedge (optional).

Cook’s Note

Also try Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea, already mixed and always ready to serve!