Bobby Flay's Top 5 Places to Eat in Atlantic City

Bobby Flay picks his favorite dishes in Jersey's summer hot spot: Atlantic City.

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Spicy Southwest Ribeye from Bobby Flay Steak

Picking a dish at your own restaurant is like choosing a favorite child, but Bobby says this spice-rubbed steak, topped with a relish of roasted bell peppers, poblano chiles and garlic, "wraps up everything I like: Rib eye is my favorite cut, and those flavors are in line with my palate." 1 Borgata Way; 609-317-1000;

Veal Milanese from Fornelletto Cucina & Wine Bar

The Veal Milanese here is made the traditional way: pounded flat, breaded, fried and topped with fresh ingredients like organic arugula, local cherry tomatoes and imported balsamic vinegar. "It's salad on top of fried meat," Bobby says. "To me, that may be the perfect meal." 1 Borgata Way; 609-317-1000

Edamame Dumplings from Izakaya

Bobby craves these edamame dumplings, served in a broth of sake and shallots. "They leave you satisfied but not stuffed. I feel like I'm eating really healthfully," he says. The Japanese pub's kitchen also stays open late — perfect for a chef's schedule. 1 Borgata Way; 609-317-1000

Pasta Bolognese from Chef Vola's

Bobby admits that you have to work for this Bolognese: The restaurant is hidden away on a tiny back street, it doesn't take walk-ins and the owners rarely answer the phone. The dish, made with freshly ground sirloin and crushed San Marzano plum tomatoes, is worth the effort, Bobby says: "I'll eat whatever the chef here tells me to." 111 S. Albion Place; 609-345-2022

White House Special from White House Sub Shop

This hulking 19-inch sub is served the same way it was when the shop opened in 1946: piled with cold cuts (Genoa salami, capicola and cotechino), provolone, lettuce, tomato, onions and hot peppers. Usually, Bobby eats only half. "But when I'm really hungry," he says, "I follow it with half a cheesesteak." 2301 Arctic Ave.; 609-345-1564