All the Droolworthy Food Seen on Bobby and Giada in Italy

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At the Table in Italy

Feast your eyes on all the savory and sweet delicacies Bobby and Giada ate while traveling in Rome and Tuscany. Then watch every episode, streaming now only on discovery+!

A Casual Lunch

Simple but spectacular, this pizza bianca is stuffed with rich and flavorful thinly sliced mortadella.

Room for More

From classic to creative, there's no shortage of gelato flavors at Otaleg in Rome.

Classic Roman Flavor

There are four pastas that define Roman cuisine. One is carbonara, pictured here at Santo Palato. Can you guess the other three?

Answer: Gricia, Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe

Incredible Technique

Chef Stefano Callegari of Sforno made a cacio e pepe-inspired pizza for Bobby and Giada. His secret? A few ice cubes on top of the first layer of cheese, which help regulate the temp while in the oven.

Feasting with Friends

Bobby and Giada ordered all four classic Roman pastas while lunching with their friends. Peek at the cacio e pepe and amatriciana here — and prepare to drool!

Balanced Choice

In Italy, even a "small" order of gelato can include more than one flavor. This one features scoops of creamy chocolate and tart raspberry.

Perfectly Simple

Humble butter and anchovies are the key ingredients in this beloved pasta dish at Rome's Roscioli.

Antipasto Tasting

After browsing a local market, Bobby put together a quick-fix crostini featuring sweet eggplant and herbs.

Pick Your Piece

With big trays of pizza on display at La Renella, each customer can decide how big or small of a slice he or she'd like.

Fresh Picks

Ripe and oh-so-sweet, these ruby-red figs will soon be made into gelato at Fatamorgana.

Made from Scratch

See how yellow that fresh pasta is? It's because the egg yolks in Italy are so incredibly vibrant.

Savory Meets Sweet

Rosemary focaccia is an Italian staple, but Giada and Chef Giancarla Bodoni took that one step further while cooking at Monteverdi in Tuscany. They added tender grapes atop the bread for a sweet, juicy bite.

Hidden Surprises

Moist mortadella-studded meatballs are nestled below bright-green pistachio sauce to create one of Giada's all-time favorite bites in Rome.