Find the Restaurants Featured on Guilty Pleasures: Chocolate Obsessions

There's no escaping the decadence of these rich dishes, including a pillowy chocolate souffle that's stolen Geoffrey Zakarian's heart.

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Le Cirque

At New York's Le Cirque, "the chocolate is the star of the show," according to Geoffrey Zakarian, when it comes to prepping the famed restaurant's Chocolate Soufflé. "The taste is somewhere between a cloud and a chocolate lunar landscape all mixed in one," Geoffrey reveals of this pillowy dessert, which is rounded out with a cool vanilla gelato. 

Where to Find: Le Cirque


OK, so maybe the Mile High Chocolate Cake from Gladstones in Pacific Palisades, Calif., isn't exactly 1 mile tall. But this three-layer showstopper is indeed a towering masterpiece, featuring rich chocolate cake, silky chocolate buttercream frosting, gooey chocolate ganache and, for even more chocolate effect, shaved chocolate on top. "I cannot imagine a dish with more chocolate," Tia Mowry says. "It's perfection."

Where to Find: Gladstones

Playa Provisions

Take it from Richard Blais: The Waffle Taco from Playa Provisions in Playa Del Rey, Calif., is "a dessert that reminds you that it's OK to be a kid." Featuring a rich center of homemade birthday cake-inspired custard laced with chocolate cake and studded with sprinkles, this sweet taco features a waffle cone shell and gets a quick dip in chocolate sauce.

Where to Find: Playa Provisions

Bern's Steak House 

Though Bern's Steak House in Tampa offers many sweet-tooth-satisfying delights, Anne Burrell is especially keen on the eatery's Chocolate Macadamia Decadence Cake. Served atop a raspberry sauce, this macadamia-nut-crusted cake is made with both dark and milk chocolates. "It's really a hedonistic dessert," Anne proclaims.

Where to Find: Bern's Steak House

Mueller Chocolate Co.

"It has everything that I've ever wanted to eat, combined on one stack," Marc Summers says of The Chocolate Tower from Philadelphia's Mueller Chocolate Co. This layered treat features five chocolate-covered treats: a Rice Krispies treat, two cookies — one chocolate chip and one Oreo — and a homemade marshmallow with a chocolate peanut butter cup on top. "Perhaps the best combination ever put on this planet," Marc says simply.

Where to Find: Mueller Chocolate Co.


On their own a frosted chocolate layer cake and a creamy vanilla milk shake are indeed guilty pleasures. But when you put them together with chocolate syrup, as Portillo's in Chicago does, the results are next-level decadent. "Yeah, baby. This is it," Sherri Shepherd declares. 

Where to Find: Portillo's

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