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There's no escaping the decadence of these rich dishes, including Katie Lee's pick for a meaty, cheesy sandwich.

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Bottega Louie

According to Brooke Burke-Charvet, the tiramisu at Los Angeles' Bottega Louie is "the most beautiful, artistic, complicated, decadent tiramisu ever." This sweet-tooth-satisfying treat is layered with espresso-drizzled sponge cake and hefty smears of mascarpone cream, and it's finished with a decorative topping of cocoa powder. "You almost don't want to eat it, 'cause it's so pretty. But I'm going to," Brooke says.

Where to Find: Bottega Louie

The Flavor Table Catering

Two indulgences combine for over-the-top results in the Peach Cobbler French Toast from The Flavor Table Catering in Hyde Park, Calif. "It's like a peach cobbler, but instead of the crust on top, we have a French toast on the bottom," Jaleel White says of the dish, which features peaches cooked in a vanilla-nutmeg bath and served alongside cinnamon-dipped French toast and plenty of fluffy whipped cream.

Where to Find: The Flavor Table Catering


"It's an experience," Jet Tila says simply of the Tamago Burger from Fukuburger in Las Vegas. Marinated in Japanese flavors and piled high with a runny fried egg and crispy onions, this between-the-bun creation is finished with a drizzle of creamy wasabi-spiked mayonnaise.

Where to Find: Fukuburger


"I think about this cupcake a lot," Marc Murphy admits of the Spoiled Rotten Cupcake from IveyCake in Brentwood, Tenn. "This thing is a sugar bomb." Not only is this apple-based cupcake topped with a scoop of apple cider frosting, but it's also blanketed with a butterscotch ganache and finished with sweetened pecans.

Where to Find: IveyCake

Joan's on Third

"You really have a grilled cheese taken to the next level in this sandwich," explains Katie Lee of the short rib sandwich at Los Angeles' Joan's on Third. Sure there's plenty of gooey Jack cheese, but there's also a bed of sweet, tangy vinegar-spiked onions and red wine-braised short ribs. "The short ribs are so tender — that great, juicy meat."

Where to Find: Joan's on Third

Mud Hen Tavern

For Daphne Brogdon, it's all about the Chicken and Waffle Croquettes at Los Angeles' Mud Hen Tavern, where a classic plate of chicken and waffles is turned into battered and fried chicken-bacon meatballs finished with a maple-hot sauce mixture. "It's so rich, you know, you kind of want to savor it," Daphne says.

Where to Find: Mud Hen Tavern

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