On the Set of The Kitchen

Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the set to see where the co-hosts cook and chat every week.

Welcome to The Kitchen

As the centerpiece of the set, this expansive kitchen features two cooktops, an oversize refrigerator, a deep sink and a stretched island with raised barstools for seating. Just recently it was updated with fresh coats of Dolphin Blue Behr Interior paint.

Take a Seat

It's rare that all five cast members would be seated at once, so there are only three stools at the island, which means that one or two co-hosts would likely be manning the prep areas as a demo comes together.

Previews and Peeks

The chalkboards in the corner preview what's to come on the upcoming episode, including special segments and recipes, while the window just behind the ledge lets in natural light and offers a peek outdoors.

Plenty of Space

Thanks to the expansive kitchen set, all five co-hosts have ample space to work together and move around during the segments.

Pantry Essentials

Just as in many fans' homes, the pantry on the set of The Kitchen is full of dry goods and condiments, like noodles, vinegar, spices and nuts.

Open Concept

Just off the kitchen lies a spacious living room complete with a plush sofa and chairs for comfortable lounging for all five co-hosts, plus an elegant table.

Get Set for Cocktails

You know what they say: "It's 5 o'clock ... somewhere!" The set wouldn't be complete without a bar for cocktail hour, of course, and this rustic design is both welcoming and efficient.

From House to Home

The bookcase along the side wall is outfitted with quaint accents to bring a comforting atmosphere to the living room.

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