Oh, Shoot!

By: Secretary Confidential

No need to crane your neck, I did that for ya. While walking to work this morning, I spotted the 22'W x 30'H billboard featuring The Next Food Network Star right next to our Food Network offices in Chelsea Market. After initially shaking off the fact that I was not invited to the photo shoot (throat clear), I dug deep and found some (perhaps a bit scandoulous) photos that didn't make it into the final cut, as well as a few great tid-bits on how the billboard came to be...

To amp up the energy, the photographer split the finalists up into boys only and girls only, with either set egging on the other. They had Beyonce and Lady Gaga blasting in the background, which got all the finalists dancing and playing. Here are some of my favorite cutting room floor shots that didn't get used:


While goofing off, it was discovered that Jeffrey (who, hello ladies, said on his NFNS audition tape: “other then marrying my wife, I've never been so sure about anything," Swoon), Melissa, and of course Katie (former gymnast) can all do the splits on command.

I may not be able to do gymnastics, but I sure like to dance. I'm thinking for the next NFNS photo shoot, the SC should be there to lend a twirling hand.

Here’s to eating well