Your Summer Gin and Tonic, Suitable for Scooping

The perfect summer refresher: gin and tonic or ice cream? Now you don’t have to choose.

There are those who consider the perfect summer refresher to be a nice, cool gin and tonic — and then there are those who would argue that it’s a big dish of ice cream.

A new product is uniquely positioned to end the debate and bring those disparate groups together: gin and tonic ice cream.

A result of a collaboration between two U.K. companies, London distillery Sipsmith and Hampshire-based Jude’s ice cream, the limited-edition summer offering combines Sipsmith London Dry Gin’s botanical elements, including juniper berries, citrus peel, licorice root and ground almonds, with tonic water and a hint of lemon, to evoke the flavor of your bartender’s best G&T, the Telegraph reports.

It’s not clear if the ice cream contains alcohol, but if it does, it wouldn’t be much — as the Telegraph points out, alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water, and too much of it would make it difficult for the ice cream to “set.”

Residents of the U.K. can scoop up the cocktail-inspired frozen dairy delight at Selfridges department store and online. A 120 ml (four-ounce) tub will cost them £2.95 ($4.57). The spirited dessert is already being met with great enthusiasm.

Those of us here on the other side of the pond will just have to improvise — perhaps by stirring up a perfect gin and tonic and tossing in a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sounds like a great way to chill.

Photo courtesy @Judesicecream
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