Rosé Gin May Make Your Summer That Much Rosier

Oh, rosé, where will you show up next? The ultrapopular pink drink has lent its pretty-pretty hue to everything from gummies to underarm deodorant and can be sipped from cute cans and ironic 40-ounce bottles in its original form. The latest product to feel the blush of rose? Gin.

First introduced last August, but only now capturing widespread notice, Wolffer Estate Vineyard’s rose gin is the delicate, whisper-pale hue of a ballet slipper. And at 40 percent ABV (80 proof), you can probably expect the graceful strength of a ballet dancer as well.

The Long Island winery, overseen by wine maker Roman Roth, uses its own rose wine as the base for the gin, distilling it slowly in a German-made copper pot still. Then, for flavor, handpicked juniper berries grown on the vineyard are added, as well as “fine hints” of anise, fennel, coriander, cumin and cardamom. Fresh mint, also grown in the vineyard’s garden, is added as well. At the end of the process, grape skin extract is used to give the gin its color.

“Using our rosé wine as the base gives us a clear advantage over grain-based gins,” Roth boasted in a press release announcing the gin’s August 2016 debut. “The aroma is much more playful and fruit-driven, and because of our strict and more generous cuts, we have a fine gin.”

And who could ask for more from summer than pretty pink gin and tonics? Unfortunately, although the salmon-color sip ($34/bottle) is reportedly available online at Bottle Hampton, the site returns a message saying it is “not currently available” on the site, possibly because it may have “recently sold out and gone out-of-stock.” Looks like that’s a “small batch” issue, but fear not, cravers of pink boozy drinks, Wolffer Estate’s Instagram page says “Batch 2 [is] coming soon. Stay tuned for locations.” We are definitely staying tuned.

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Photo courtesy of @wolfferwine

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