Hailey Baldwin Celebrates Runway Show With a Bag o’ Shake Shack

She was probably pretty hungry.

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New York City, USA - June 9, 2013: People dining at Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. This image shows New Yorkers and tourists having lunch at the original (first) Shake Shack in New York City.

Photo by: nycshooter


How does a person celebrate walking the runway at a Versace fashion show for the first time? If you’re Hailey Baldwin (are we supposed to call her Hailey Bieber now?), you go straight to a fast food joint and feed your face.

“Tonight first timer @versace … thank you thank you,” the model, who reportedly married Justin Bieber in a secret ceremony in September, posted on Instagram after strutting her stuff at the Versace Pre-Fall 2019 runway show in New York City on Sunday. The accompanying photo showed her looking chic in a one-shouldered black-and-white number, although one may wonder what is the deal was with the ornament adorning her ear. (Is that a giant safety pin? Huh, yeah, I guess it is.)

But then, Us Weekly reports, she shared on her Instagram story another photo, this one showing a green-and-white Shake Shack takeout bag balanced on what one assumes is her casually clad lap and one word of excitement: “Happening.”

The contents of the burger-decorated bag remain a mystery; one can only guess at the post-show hunger that must follow someone who has had to maintain a certain shape and proportion to fit properly into high-fashion duds and walk around in them for all to admire.

Really, who can think of a better way to celebrate a job well done – except maybe to dance around outside a fancy hotel with your new husband after treating the paparazzi to a nice show of PDA?

Sure, why not? That, too!

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